ClusterO2 Kit

ClusterO2 Kit
ClusterO2 Kit
ClusterO2 Kit

Our previous O2ptimaskTM kits have been replaced with this updated version called the ClusterO2 KitTM. It features the new Quadralite mask. QuadraLite masks do not have a cushion, but an innovative use of two different materials which offer an optimum level of flexibility and comfort. QuadraLite masks contain no PVC and are phthalate free.

The QuadraLite is a soft and comfortable anesthesia mask that is available in two sizes to fit most patients. The unique anatomical shape combined with its flexible seal means that only two sizes are required, unlike traditional cushion masks which often require four or five sizes. You can view the sizing chart by clicking here.

This is a complete ClusterO2 KitTM built specifically for clusterheadache sufferers which includes:

  • Quadralite disposable mask
  • Male-to-male connector
  • "T" connector one-way valve
  • Oxygen inlet connector
  • 7ft. oxygen tubing
  • Large 3 liter bag
  • Stand-alone mouthpiece
  • Assembly instructions
*NOTE about mask size:
Adult (green/orange mask) - suitable for most adults (men AND women)
Youth (yellow mask) - suitable for most children or early teenagers

Retail: $39.00
On Sale: $30.00
You Save: 24%
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