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   2004 Cluster Headache Specific Posts
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   How many total CH days so far?
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   Author  Topic: How many total CH days so far?  (Read 2021 times)


Re: How many total CH days so far?
« Reply #25 on: Feb 12th, 2004, 10:38pm »
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Hi Karyn,
24 years worth is more than my fair share.....
I really feel bad for Linda that sucks....31K is alotta dancin in the dark sweety.
I was 10 years chronic.....lets put it 2 per day, that would cover all days with one or none to the peaks at six or better.     So 10 x 365 x 2 = 7,300
Then somehow I managed a 3 year break for no reason and became Episodic for no apparent reason so
6 weeks with 4 per day 2 cycles per year for 11 years.
That makes 3693, for a close number of 10,996.
That sucks, I'm still young too. Aww fuck it whats another 20,000 give or take a hundred  Grin Grin Grin
PFDAN to all.
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;;DRe: How many total CH days so far?
« Reply #26 on: Feb 13th, 2004, 3:20am »
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Lets see Karyn, you just had to open this one up didn't you!!!..LMAO!!
I started out episodic for about 4 years hit 2 times a year for about 3 months, and then went chronic for the past 6 years non stop, i can't remember my last PF day, with an average of around, i guess, lets see, ummm, well it's like this, then it was like that, and then it......well you know, don't you?.....i can't even begin to guess myself.....ooohhh  fuck it!!  i dunno........LOLOL laugh laugh
Mikey,  Grin
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I love to ROCK very HARD!!!

CHRONIC and going crazy!! Want to come too?

Hope for PFDAN, peace and safety to you all!!
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Re: How many total CH days so far?
« Reply #27 on: Feb 14th, 2004, 11:03pm »
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Hi Karyn , They're right, it makesm a difference if you are episodic or chronic. Myself, I have never had a period of less than 9 days of pain free. I HAVE JUST ABOUT HAD IT!!!  It is getting worse instead of better  and I really appreciate hearingfrom the female of the species, because, I feel my headeaches do somewhat follow my menstual cycle. My neurologist tells me that is not so, but I am also the first female he has ever treated.Anyway, my point being, I feel that in females, it shoud be evaluated if ther is relevance to hormones. Please let me know how you are doing I feel for you.
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