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(Message started by: cardogman on Dec 17th, 2005, 11:06pm)

Title: Local Depomedrol Injection
Post by cardogman on Dec 17th, 2005, 11:06pm
All of a sudden after many years of off and on stress headaches I'm sitting around one day and my left eye starts feeling funny. Then it starts drooping, starts tearing and gets red. Then a little later I start getting a headache on one side of my head and a pain like I bumped the left side of my forhead over my eye on the car door door and then this burning on the left side of my head. That was almost two weeks ago. Went to the eye doctor. Exam negative. Went to a neurologist MRI of brain negative. A few days ago I went to a well known headache specialist in New York City. He examined me confirmed the diagnosis and injected me with Depomedrol a coticosteroid in the two ganglion type painful lesions one on my neck one on my scalp. In about 12 hours my headache was gone but the sensitivity and the pain on my forehead and temple are still there but mild. Now I know this is comong from the trigeminal nerve. He also did a battery of blood tests and believes that  some people with low B12 levels and or magnesium levels can get cluster headaches, for them he gives magnesium and or B12 injections and it cures the CH. My question is this. Has anyone had this kind of injection, not neceaasrily the B12 or magnesium but the local Depomedrol and if so how long did it last and did the headaches come back. I am 55 years old and except for a few times in my life other then stress headaches ( I think I have had a few cluster headaches but they went away in a day) I have had moderate pain these past two weeks. The first two days occured the same time of the day and then the rest of the time it was pretty constant until the injection. Not yet the head banging crawling on your knees whimpering like a baby type. The Doc didn't want me to take Prednisone just yet so he injected me. If and when this stuff wears off and the headaches come back anyone know how long l they will last. He told me I had acute and not chronic but all literature says people my age usually get chronic CH. If this is true I believe I am doomed. This is some bizarre malady and I am not at all ready for this. Like to hear from you folks.

Title: Re: Local Depomedrol Injection
Post by E-Double on Dec 17th, 2005, 11:46pm
Hiya Namesake ;),

What doctor did you see?
Did you by any chance go to NYHC to Dr. Mauskopf?
It sounds like his MO.
I went to him as well and honestly found that despite being well known HA specialist, his forte was migraine and really didn't knw too much about cluster.
I also found him to be a injection happy and a bit of a shit.
Did he put you on any preventative medication?
Did he give you any abortives?

The steroids will probably bring you a few days relief but if CH as he has diagnosed you with, they'll probably return.

Be well and here with plenty of info coming your way!


Title: Re: Local Depomedrol Injection
Post by cardogman on Dec 18th, 2005, 7:20am
Yup Mauskop it was and yes I thought since I am a non practicing R.N. and spend most of my life in the O.R. I thought he was a bit strange. That's the whole point Eric, the injections helped and now I am waiting for doom to reappear. You know how it is you hope and then you hope more.


Title: Re: Local Depomedrol Injection
Post by E-Double on Dec 18th, 2005, 8:48am
I go to NECH now in Stanford.
Dr. Sheftell is a godsend and THEY KNOW CLUSTERS!!!!!!
Did he give you anything?
No meds??? Prophylactic or Abortive?
Did he give you a list of herbs and creams.

HAng in there Burt!

We'll see what we can do.

Title: Re: Local Depomedrol Injection
Post by Karla on Dec 18th, 2005, 5:48pm
I would be looking for a new dr very quickly.  I have never heard of anyone using that for cluster headaches.  If you go 11 1/2 months with clusters then you are chronic.  Sounds like you have a ways to go before you worry about that.  Chronic is no common most are eposodic and have cycles that last for a couple of months to several months.  Good luck!  Get some abortives like imitrix or zomig or axert or frova or amerge or DHE or migranol etc and start trying preventatives like verapamil or lithium or a combo of the two drugs.  Don't forget oxygen that is a life savor for most people around here.  Check out the oxygen info link to the left <==.

Title: Re: Local Depomedrol Injection
Post by cardogman on Dec 18th, 2005, 10:13pm

Well, actually other then feeling a little strange and I think it might be psychological the headache went away for now. What I am feeling now is like I banged my head on something. You know sensitive head on one side, pain over the eye and the temporal area. Imitrex will not be good for me when I am in the throws because I am a smoker and it is contraindicated in smokers can cause cardiac problems and trouble breathing. Verapamil might be a next step if the injection didn't put me in remission and it is very constipating and since my BP is borderline to normal it could really make me feel very lightheaded with too low a BP. Oxygen we are working on. Many insurance companies will not pay for it. It's $250.00 for an E tank and it will not last that long at 100% oxygen at 8-10 liters per minute. Thanks for the response. I know most of what there is to know about this plague now and I am not surprised I have been afflicted with this. I always seem to get challenging things that will either make me stronger or cause my downfall. LOLOLOL


Title: Re: Local Depomedrol Injection
Post by Karla on Dec 19th, 2005, 12:56pm
Just an fyi most people on this board who use imitrix are smokers.  I personally am not but most are.  Many of us myself included was told not to use imitrix if you have a family history of heart desease but its ok if you smoke.

Title: Re: Local Depomedrol Injection
Post by E-Double on Dec 19th, 2005, 2:20pm
Trex would be ok


Title: Re: Local Depomedrol Injection
Post by cardogman on Dec 23rd, 2005, 8:08pm
I can deal with the headaches for now but these other feelings like I banged my head on something Trex won't helkp. Plus the Doc I went to says no good for smokers. Pulmonary problems will insue possibly. What do I know all I am is an observer in my own body I think.


Title: Re: Local Depomedrol Injection
Post by E-Double on Dec 23rd, 2005, 8:22pm
Research is actually suggesting that it may not be as bad as we think.
In addition it is unethical to withold treatment with such an excrutiating ailment.
There are certainly side effects and if you do have a heart problem it wouldn't be suggested however just because you smoke it does not mean that you can not use it.
For the aching feeling try some coffee.
Some actually say that excedrine migraine helps with it too. Doesn't for me but we are all different.

Have you gotten Oxygen yet??

Title: Re: Local Depomedrol Injection
Post by TonyG1 on Dec 23rd, 2005, 8:32pm
This sends shivers up my spine.... I'm a reactor to medrol in any form.  My Neuro tried me on it and it drove my BP into stroke territory not to mention the pretty bright red color I turned..... :o

Title: Re: Local Depomedrol Injection
Post by cardogman on Dec 23rd, 2005, 8:46pm

The Injections actually worked for about a week. It took about 12 hours to work. He injected the Medrol in two pseudo ganglionic areas. One in the base of my neck and one up on the scalp. I will tell you though the Depomedrol made me feel very strange. Tired, and I still am. Forgetful which I still am. Jittery and nervous and sort of impatient. Just very weird.That's with it injected under the skin. So I can imagine what Prednisone by mouth feels like.

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