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(Message started by: cardogman on Dec 25th, 2005, 7:39pm)

Title: eye patch/pressure head band
Post by cardogman on Dec 25th, 2005, 7:39pm
I am new to this site so forgive me if I am monoplolzing things. Because this problem of CH has perplexed the hell out of me I am trying to figure out the whys of this dreaded and annoying malady.

I am a get it done kind of guy so I was thinking about something today. Of course other then the bruised feeling I have , yesterday I was free from a headache and I thought that wow maybe this was a nightmare and tomorrow I would be cured.

No such luck. Today Headaches returned but I have yet to have the type where I want to smash my head like the kid who took our pumpkin on Halloween and threw it in to the street the little s--t.

Anyway I am taking a pole.

Has anyone ever tried an eye patch over their affected eye for the relief of pain.

Has anyone ever tried a pressure head band for the relief of pain specifically over the site of the temporal area.

I would appreciate a response one way or another.


Title: Re: eye patch/pressure head band
Post by CHTom on Dec 25th, 2005, 8:20pm
Tried both years ago-didn't work but looked like a pirate.

Title: Re: eye patch/pressure head band
Post by E-Double on Dec 25th, 2005, 10:33pm
For years I would wrap a bandana around my skull with the knot directly on the temple that was effected.

That no longer works.

Title: Re: eye patch/pressure head band
Post by Linda_Howell on Dec 25th, 2005, 10:44pm


   The pressure you refer to has ALWAYS been for me right at the back of my skull.   I can't exactly describe where it is.  But I've always been able to hit the right spot on other people who have CH.

   Just ask Roxy.  Or Cat.   ;)


Title: Re: eye patch/pressure head band
Post by pattik on Dec 26th, 2005, 10:43am
My eye gets too sensitive to put any pressure on it, and blocking light only works for migraines, not for my CH.  As for pressure elsewhere, I literallly grind and icepack as hard as I can around my eye or between my eye and ear as needed.  It usually only gives temporary relief.

Title: Re: eye patch/pressure head band
Post by Phil L on Dec 26th, 2005, 11:07am
Ditto for me

Title: ssofRe: eye patch/pressure head band
Post by Danish on Dec 26th, 2005, 2:43pm
I used to press a mug filled with hot coffee hard against my forehead over my right eye, while I waited for the effect of the Ergotamine to set in. It provided a little relief but not nearly enough!

Nowadays I don't bother doing anything else but sucking my Oxygen, which helps in 95% of all attacks.

Title: Re: eye patch/pressure head band
Post by BarbaraD on Dec 28th, 2005, 9:20am
I keep a sweat band handy. sometimes I put magnets on the pressure spots (easiest things to find when I'm getting hit). Put pressure on them. I don't know if it helps but it gives me something to do when I'm smashing my head against the wall.

I've also tried the banana peels - didn't help, but the fruit flies loved me.

Ice packs help some.

Usually O2 and hot coffee help at the onset (I usually get hit about 4 in the morning - have the coffee pot set to come on at 3:30 so it's ready when the old eyes pop open and the O2 tank handy). I'm chronic so it's usually a daily thing. Shadows are common most of the day, but I can handle them.

Try the black coffee at the first sign (after about a 4 it doesn't work).

Hugs BD

Title: Re: eye patch/pressure head band
Post by NONI on Jul 13th, 2006, 10:48am
Hi any who read this,

I also use an ice pack and as it slightly numbs my pain i follow the pain as i have on the whole side ,,frontal and the teeth and neck the eye and helps most when i coming down.

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