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(Message started by: Briar_girl on Mar 3rd, 2004, 10:09pm)

Title: Hoping I've found a home...
Post by Briar_girl on Mar 3rd, 2004, 10:09pm
Hi. My name is Monica and I am hurting and no one knows why or how to help me. Many of the cluster headache symptoms sound right on. I can't feel a definate end to one headache and a beginning of a new one. They seem to overlap with the pain differing in location and degree. My pain is often on one side of my face but it doesn't affect my eyes. No tearing other than emotions and no swelling in my eyelid. It is mostly in the back of my head. Also I have restless days, but I can relax and sleep (however, the percocet and lortab likely helps). I am hoping you can tell me if this sounds like I am suffering cluster headaches. I have the rest of the symptoms and this is the second run of the pain. the first lasting 3 months and this one lasting 2 so far. I had about a two month remission. my nights are mostly pain free but I HAVE been awoken by the pain. I am occasionally restless. I suffer most from sunrise to sunset. I feel more comfortable in dark and cool. Smells make it worse. And the pain and darkness of my life depresses me. I have a lump at the base of my skull that when rubbed gives me relief. Sometimes I think they are full blown migraines. I take Imitrex in those times. I am on an anti-nausea medication because I do get very sick and ended up in the e.r. with malnutrition and dehydration. I am seeing a neurologist in a week and want to be armed with all the info I can find. I hope someone can help me here. I am so discouraged.

Thank you,

Title: Re: Hoping I've found a home...
Post by thebbz on Mar 4th, 2004, 12:52am
Sorry for your pain. No doctor here, only the neuro and testing can diagnose, try to be brave I have had CH for 25 years and I am still alive. The pain caused by these almost bears no description. Read if you havnt already the information on the left. Get to the neuro, take notes of times of attacks, duration, ect  and other indications you feel are relevant. Communication is key with neuros. Hang in there and pray to god you dont have CH  Let us know how it works out!!!!  thebbz

Title: Re: Hoping I've found a home...
Post by pubgirl on Mar 4th, 2004, 6:30am

I am not a doctor and there are probably lots of headache conditions with these symptoms, which is why you need to see a neuro as soon as possible.

One word of warning, your symptoms sound very reminiscent of BAM, or basilar arterial migraine (there are quite a few websites about it if you do a search)
You MUST get this ruled in or out before you take any of the Triptans as there is a very real risk of stroke if a BAM sufferer takes them.
The main reason I am warning you is that often, if in doubt a GP will prescribe a triptan as they are so effective for many of the headache types, and are a very standard treatment for other migraine types.


Title: Re: Hoping I've found a home...
Post by Briar_girl on Mar 4th, 2004, 10:21am
I appreciate your reply. It gives me something else to look at. Things to rule out, things that make me say "Hey, that is me." I didn't expect to find a doctor here, just understanding. Thank you so much for your help. :)


Title: Re: Hoping I've found a home...
Post by Prense on Mar 4th, 2004, 11:45am

The only symptoms you described that are CH "typical" are the episodic nature and the lump (some folks have described this with CH).

Of course, it is near impossible to describe pain severity through words.

What is the "typical" duration of your attacks?

I agree with the above suggestions.  Keep a detailed log of your HAs to include: duration, pain intensity, time, pain location, sleep schedule, medications taken, effectivity, (you might even want to add diet)...this will all be beneficial to your neuro.  I would maintain such a log at least until you are diagnosed.

Please, let us know what the neuro says.

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