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(Message started by: LadyElaine1 on Dec 30th, 2006, 7:40pm)

Title: Oh Lord what a day !
Post by LadyElaine1 on Dec 30th, 2006, 7:40pm
It started off getting up and having coffee. I was on the sofa turned up my coffee to take that first sip, and missed my mouth poured it right on my boob. Pain the stuff was hot. My jumping up and ripping my top off got a good reaction from Buddy. I get dressed sit back down to try again. I was smoking my morning cigrette, I had it in my mouth raised my coffee cup up and burned my hand.
The day got worst I burned the biscuts. I was afraid to iron cloths.Skiped right over that.
Then I turn on the TV, and watch the funeral service of two great people. That made me sad.
Then Deveny wanted to go shopping. We left JD with Buddy and off we went. We went to a outside mall. Every shop we went in someone would be coming out and I would hold the door open as they came out with arms full of bags. Not one person said Thank you. So my I began opening door and as they walked away I would say "your welcome". Very loudly. My daughter and I walked through stores and people would not move out of our way. You know the type stand right in the middle of the ilse and no one can go around. Everyone was bumping into each other no one saying I am sorry or excuse me. I really upset now. I told my daughter I just was not believeing the rudeness of people. Deveny said " Mom you don't work and you stay home. People just are not friendly and cheerful any where any more. Try working with people like that. "
To me its just plan scary out there. When did the words Thank you, excuse me, and I am sorry, or Thank you come again, leave. Simple words, doesn't cost a thing. Smile no one smiles any more. Don't believe me sit on the bench at a Mall and watch people.
OK bad day just had to vent.
Oh well its almost bed time. I think I will go watch something funny mabe some old Reskelton Movies I got.
I just love it when he says God Bless :-)
Then I am going to bed and dream about the days people smiled at each other.

Title: Re: Oh Lord what a day !
Post by brewcrew on Dec 30th, 2006, 7:43pm
Elaine - Sounds like a pretty bad day. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

I think Betty Ford is having a pretty bad day, too.

Title: Re: Oh Lord what a day !
Post by LadyElaine1 on Dec 30th, 2006, 7:50pm
That lady is a strong woman. I felt for her.
Its hard enough to stand up at a small funeral when someone you love dieds. To hold up under cameras, and the public has got to really be hard.

Title: Re: Oh Lord what a day !
Post by Charlie on Dec 30th, 2006, 8:21pm
Sounds like not fun Elaine.

I have to say that even some younger types up here are more courteous. Of course there are exceptions that remind me of episodes of Frasier but mostly, people do all right around here. I wish it were so around you.

Drink Elaine.

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