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   Children and Cluster's
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   7 year old, Cluster´s or Migraines???
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   Author  Topic: 7 year old, Cluster´s or Migraines???  (Read 1079 times)


7 year old, Cluster´s or Migraines???
« on: Feb 5th, 2003, 6:35pm »
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I´m Karla, O.A´s mom, he´s 7 and has had migraines since he was 4 yrs old. Recently he had an episode after about 3 months and was the worst one yet, cried like if someone was hurting him, kicked, stomped and banged his head on the headboard and begged me to make "them" stop punching his head and yelled "why me mommy, why does this happen to me". All I could give him according to the drs. is MOTRIN because of his age and I just don´t know what to do.  After about 5 mins. he threw up, I put a cold pack over his eyes, but this time closing his eyes hurt even more, this whole episode lasted about 1 1/2 hrs then finally fell asleep. It seems like everytime he gets them they get worst. Don´t know what else to do.  He is so scared of eating anything now because he´s scared of getting his migraines.  Help!!!
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Re: 7 year old, Cluster´s or Migraines???
« Reply #1 on: Feb 5th, 2003, 8:51pm »
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Hi Karla, oh I hate it when we hear of children in pain of any kind.  It's just so not right.
Whether they are clusters or migraines, you could get him on oxygen as an abortive that just might kill his attacks before they become full blown.  Oxygen is fairly benign for side effects, and very effective for both disorders.  Get him in for an MRI with a qualified neurologist as soon as you can and keep a journal of what happens to him during his attacks.  How long do they last - how many attacks in a day - what do YOU see that seems to be triggerings him:  food, light, sound, whatever.  Does he have vision disturbance before a headache? Does he vomit with each attack?  does he prefer to lie still or can he NOT stay still.  Write all these things down and get him in to see a paediatric neuro post haste.  Run over receptionists if you have to.  Sharpen your teeth mom, your little guy is countin on ya.
Please keep us posted, ok?  I'm at if you need to talk, off the board.  I'm also a mom, and a supporter of a clusterhead - thankfully that clusterhead is not my child though.  I think that's an unimaginable pain for parents.
Hang in there, gal - you've taken the right first step in helping your son.
p.s.  give him ice to put directly on the pain, be it frozen peas/corn or a genuine ice bag. it works miracles for head pain of all kinds.
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Re: 7 year old, Cluster´s or Migraines???
« Reply #2 on: Mar 4th, 2003, 10:12pm »
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Hi Karla......
My son was diagnosed with migraines in the 6th grade, but nothing prescribed helped any.  He was finally diagnosed with CH at 17 yrs. old because I had just learned what these headaches were, and took him to a good neurologist.
I can hear and feel the frustratiion in your message.
 Arm yourself with the information you will find on this site (left margins and also the "search" button) and share it with the neurologist.  Your son absolutely needs a specialist.  Call the nearest Childrens Hospital and ask for a referral.  After the doc has ruled out other problems, he will (hopefully) discuss the info you have gathered.  Like Margi said, oxygen is a wonder drug for a good number of about it here on this site.
My son is now 32 and hasn't had a cycle in three years.  I don't know what to think about this.  It was after he used Prednisone for the first time, to abort an attack.  I'm praying that they are gone for good.
Please keep us informed....we really want to hear from you and help if we can.
Oh, and by the way, cold didn't work for him.........he needed heat, a dark room and silence until the attack was over.  Ch'ers cannot be bothered with talk while having an attack.
My mothers' heart goes out to you and your little person.  I pray that you both find help soon.
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