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   Medicare woes & my doc knows Goadsby!
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   Author  Topic: Medicare woes & my doc knows Goadsby!  (Read 1828 times)
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Medicare woes & my doc knows Goadsby!
« on: May 15th, 2008, 2:31pm »
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Well I just started seeing a wonderful neuro.  I like her alot and she seems to really, truly know her stuff!  Well she put me back on Topamax in combo with Verapamil (I've been on both before but not at the same time) also a pred taper.  She tried me on trex and again it failed to help me.  Sad
Now my medicare complaint.  She wants me to try O2 again.  It's been many years since I've had the tanks at home and I'm more than happy to give it a whirl again.  She knows all the info, that I need 12-15lpm/nonrebreather mask and all that without me telling her.  But medicare will not approve it without me having decreased lung capacitiy or something like that. grrrr.  She is trying to get around it but it's not looking good.  I will have secondary insurance through Sam's work in about 60days so I hopefully can get it that way then.  But still that just pisses me off!  What about the others out there with just medicare?!  It makes me upset for them.
Back to my new doc.  She knows Prof Goadsby!  She will be seeing him sometime in the near future at a conference at some kind!  Cool huh?  Also she is tossing around the idea of SUNCT being part of my headache prob, either in conjunction with Clusters and my migraines or not clusters at all?!  That's an odd notion.  But that might explain my med resistance all these years....  Time will tell.
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