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(Message started by: Toni23 on Apr 14th, 2004, 7:25pm)

Title: OUCH and Ebay once again...please read!
Post by Toni23 on Apr 14th, 2004, 7:25pm
Hi guys!

This is helpless23 (Toni) on a different computer (cuz
I'm sick) and I forgot my password and was too lazy to
get up and get it, so I made a new name!

Anyway, I have just been added to the fundraising team
(and very excited about it too!) to head out some
awesome auctions on Ebay.  I currently support another
organization called Blythedale Children's Hospital as
wel and I am very successful (being I am just one
person) in raising about 2,000 dollars for them in a 3
month time period.  

I e-mailed Mel and Elaine and proposed my idea to them
about running auctions throughout the year (mostly
celebrity signed memorabilia) to help OUCH raise some
money and get done what it needs to get done and get
the support and help that everyone so desperately

In any case, I will hopefully be putting up some
auctions at the beginning of next week.

If ANYONE has a favorite artist that they would like
to see up for auction, PLEASE drop me an e-mail or a
PM under my regular screen name helpless23 or by
e-mailing me at

Also, for future reference - my Ebay user ID for these
auctions is - clusterorg

Keep checking back at Ebay - but I will make a post
each time I put a batch of auctions up for listing!

Right now I currently work privately with a few music
artists such as Matchbox Twenty's Rob Thomas, Michelle
Branch, Jason Mraz and Incubus.  I hope to get more
artists to sign up for my causes at the end of the

I also have signed scripts from the cast of Will &
Grace and Bob Barker from the Price Is Right. Most of
them are originally hand signed, other's are
Pre-Prints (at the discretion of their Public
Relations) but ALL of the artists I work with
personally are authentic, not pre printed.

So, I hope this will pan out like I hope it will.  I
understand that a lot of you are not able, financially
to donate, but please pass the word around to friends
and family members.  We are also thinking about
holding a luncheon in the NYC area for the highest
bidder and a guest...but that is in the future.  Just
a peek ahead of great things to come!

Every little bit helps, and with the community on Ebay
seeing this information, reading about Cluster
Headaches - what they are and what OUCH is all about,
I think that this will be a great way to spread the
word and educate more people about the disease.

I am doing this to help.  And what better cause then
to help raise money for a disease that my husband has
had most of his life, and that other's that I feel
very close to here have also.

Let's make this a team effort and I hope to see a lot
of you at the auctions!

Much Love,
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