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(Message started by: Guido on Mar 14th, 2008, 10:06pm)

Title: Simatriptan $4.50 a dose
Post by Guido on Mar 14th, 2008, 10:06pm
Now that I have your attention, here's the deal. I have found a sight that sells Sumatriptan nasal for 45.00 a 10 dose bottle. The bottle has a plunger top to administer one dose per squeeze.
For those of you like myself that have no insurance this may seem to good to be true, I know that's how I felt. The best price I have been able to get locally from Walmart is 40.00 a dose Imitrex like we are use to. There are Canadian online pharmacies that will sell it for about half that. I found this site, called the 800 number. The gal I talked with was very English and I didn't feel I was talking to someone in one of those sales boiler rooms. The Sumatriptan comes from India. I told my doc about this, not only did he not suggest I get it, he said he would not be afraid of taking a medication from India. It took less time (and free shipping) to get a bottle ( thought I would get only one bottle the first time) then the lady said it would. First night I tried it nothing, but at the same time I was unsure if I had applied it correctly from the dispenser plunger. The next time I tried it I was already at a pretty high kip level and after just a couple of minutes went on the o2. In five minutes the headache was gone. For me at that level of pain o2 never gets it done in just five minutes. However, I was still not completely convinced. The next time I made a commitment to stay off the o2 till I was certain the new stuff was working or not. It worked. This is 3 applications, one misfire, one with the aid of o2 and the third without. I am still a bit dubious, but far more convinced. More applications to come. The point is this, I didn't die, there seems to be no ill side effects (sept I do get that funky taste in my throat a few minutes later that I also get with Imitrex nasal), and strong possibility that it works.
I tell you all this because I share the pain of clusters and the pain of no insurance. I don't expect any of you to just leap head long into this stuff on my say. Like is said so many times on this site, we are not clinicians. We are simple people in pain passing along info that may or may not interest fellow sufferers.

Title: Re: Simatriptan $4.50 a dose
Post by Linda_Howell on Mar 14th, 2008, 10:12pm

  When Guido asked me about this and sent me the link I was very skeptical,  but when he said his Dr. looked into it and said he had no problem with it, and then Guido said it really worked for him.....well, I don't know.  May be something to really look into.

   Thank you for posting this Guido.

Title: Re: Simatriptan $4.50 a dose
Post by Jonny on Mar 14th, 2008, 10:17pm
Ill pass, rebound city for me....but thats just me.

Title: Re: Simatriptan $4.50 a dose
Post by Linda_Howell on Mar 14th, 2008, 10:27pm

 The Triptans have a rebound effect for many that is for sure..but there are also many (myself included) that this isn't a problem.   Guess, I'm special.......NOT.

  But at the price we pay to Glaxo, this may be a alternative worth looking into.  

Title: Re: Simatriptan $4.50 a dose
Post by MJ on Mar 15th, 2008, 12:53am
Its incredible how expensive that stuff is in the U.S.  Glad you found a cheaper source.

." We are simple people in pain passing along info that may or may not interest fellow sufferers.  

Another may be worth a look from another thread.
Rhodiola Rosea at ---------- 85 cents a dose

another  RCseeds at ........ 2 plus cents a dose.

Title: Re: Simatriptan $4.50 a dose
Post by Guido on Mar 15th, 2008, 1:27am
ahhh, what difference a y

forgive the typo.

Title: Re: Simatriptan $4.50 a dose
Post by Balanchine on May 15th, 2008, 12:02pm
Guido (and anyone else) - have you had further experience with this stuff since your March posting? I thought I'd outgrown my old friend, having not had a bout in 4 or 5 years, but got hit a week ago and have been knocked silly every night since. A neurologist prescribed Imitrex tablets - first time I'd ever had them and they're indeed wonderful if you don't mind half an hour of agony until they kick in - but at 20 bucks a pill a bit steep. If I could save some $ I surely wouldn't mind. Think I can halve that in Canada but one still wants to do what one can to hang onto the cash.

I'll also start reading some of the posts about oxygen and will be making some calls locally about that.


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