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   lithium doses??
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lithium doses??
« on: Dec 20th, 2003, 8:05pm »
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Howdy to all. 30 year sufferer. 20 of them chronic. Prednisone used to work with 40 mg. for 7 days 30-7,20-7,10-7. Then they started coming back at the end of the treatment. Restarted the 40 and tapered back off. Good to go. Now this year! Three times on and off the prednisone. New Doc. now. I am at 50mg. and am to stay for a month after finishing two courses as explained above within the last 2 months. Imitrex inj. used every day at least twice sometimes 4-5. 1/2 shots at least. Also verapimil  2 1/2 tabs x 120mg. ea. 3x per day. (900 mg. total) Now I started on the lithium today as a last ditch effort. Anyone care to share there dosages? I am at 300x2 per day. I am worried about returning to chronic, too much Imitrex and too much prednisone!
Damn this anyhow. Been on more meds over the course of years than I can even remember. Some of the worst came from a famous headache clinic in NY City! Cleveland Clinic cleaned it up (NO pain pills!! Sure helped)and helped for many years. Now too far away from them but I  still am using the same meds. till the lithium today.
I can remember more BAD nites pacing  the floor on cold moonlit clear nights. Anybody else experience this?
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Re: lithium doses??
« Reply #1 on: Dec 20th, 2003, 11:50pm »
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I used to take 900mg of lithium for a couple of years and it reduced the number of hits I had in half.  Your verapamil dose seems a bit on the low side.  Some people take over 900mg of it.  Good luck I hope you find something that works for you.
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