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   Psychotherapie & rebirth thing
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   Author  Topic: Psychotherapie & rebirth thing  (Read 1321 times)
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Psychotherapie & rebirth thing
« on: Dec 28th, 2003, 10:48pm »
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Right now I'm PF but last year was so bad...
Anyway, I try to get ready for the next bout.  I am ready to try ANYTHING.  Someone talked to me about psychotherapie, rebirth (??? what is that ???).
Anyone tried this approach?  With what results?
Please note that it is a serious post.  I nearly lost my job, my wife and my house last year.  This year, I promised my loved one that it would be different.
On a side note:  I will begin growing mushroom soon and will try that too.
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Re: Psychotherapie & rebirth thing
« Reply #1 on: Dec 29th, 2003, 5:21am »
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There is no post that I remember that covers successfully curing clusters by psychotherapy or any other psychological treatment. No wonder. The pain may be in our head, but it is not In Our Head, so to speak. Angry
But why don't you use the search facility on this message board and see for yourself.
Rebirthing is in essence reliving your birth and correctiong allthat went wrong THEN (and gave you the headaches).
I'd stick with the mushroom approach if I were you. (IF you haven't tried O2 and Imitrex, prednisone, Verapamol or lithium, that is.)
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Re: Psychotherapie & rebirth thing
« Reply #2 on: Dec 29th, 2003, 10:30am »
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The only thing close to a mind based or psycho- therapy that has any reports of working are the "circulation techniques" that involve redirecting your blood flow - sorta like a form of biofeedback or self hypnosis to change the blood vessel tone. These may lessen the pain, but they don't stop the headaches.  
Cluster Headaches are a physical disorder. Psychoanalysis, rebirthing, and other talk therapies do not get at the root of the disorder.  Some type of support may be useful - talking to a counselor, a pastor, a friend or family member. But don't expect the headaches to stop if you get your personal life harmonized.
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