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(Message started by: maureen on Jan 11th, 2005, 6:49pm)

Title: melatonin my dr said to wait...
Post by maureen on Jan 11th, 2005, 6:49pm
hello, I asked my dr about melatonin yesterday (just recieved 02 yesterday as well) He wants me to wait and see how the o2 does I am sopose to go back next week and talk to him some more. My thought though is why wait the 02 is to stop the pain the Melatonin is to stop the pain from coming makes sense to me to take both. I am also on verapimil. Does melatonin have affects with other meds? Maybe thats why he wants me to wait. I also have T3's for back up if the 02 doesn't work I don't think they work very fast or well would love some input on this.

Title: Re: melatonin my dr said to wait...
Post by JoeS on Jan 11th, 2005, 8:14pm
The melatonin doesn't interfere with other meds.   It is pretty safe & harmless.  I usually take it even when out of cycle, to help me get good sleep.

I really don't think the T3 will help you.   I never got any relief AT ALL from Vicodin (hydrocodone) or Percodan (oxycodone).   I don't recommend you even try it, because of the temptation to take more than what's recommended as you see that a normal dose doesn't work.   I made that mistake once & ended up groggy and with a rebound headache for an entire day.

Title: Re: melatonin my dr said to wait...
Post by Kris_in_SJ on Jan 11th, 2005, 8:31pm
Hi Maureen,

There's absolutely no reason in the world for you to "wait" to take Melatonin.  It is a natural supplement to help regulate sleep cycles.  If you can avoid a night hit by skipping REM sleep, you might not even need the oxygen!  However - I'm not a doctor - don't even pretend to be.

My other concern would be that your doc has prescribed narcotics as "back-up."  In general, for CH sufferers, narcotics do not help at all, in fact they cause rebound headaches.  Imitrex (Imigran) injections would be a more logical back-up med.

Perhaps a second opinion is called for?  Just a thought ....


Title: Re: melatonin my dr said to wait...
Post by E-Double on Jan 11th, 2005, 9:20pm
Melatonin = Preventative

O2 =  Abortive

Ask your doctor why you should have to have an attack just to see about the O2.....

Melatonin should not have any effects on any meds should only if at all help you sleep thus avoiding the night time visitors.

Wishing you well!


Title: Re: melatonin my dr said to wait...
Post by floridian on Jan 12th, 2005, 9:45am
The PDR doesn't list any interactions with verapamil.
On the other hand, it probably hasn't been studied.

I located one abstract that found that verapamil increases melatonin production in the body somewhat (~15%).

In one lab study, melatonin does interact with verap and calcium channels, so large doses of M might theoretically increase the effects of verap.  Not sure if this is significant in people taking verap and a small melatonin dosage -  especially if they started off with a small dose of V and M, and stepped up the V until the headaches were controlled and/or cardiovascular symptoms appeared.

Biol Signals. 1997 Jul-Dec;6(4-6):284-90.      

   Melatonin inhibits GnRH-induced Ca2+ mobilization and influx through voltage-regulated channels.

   Slanar O, Zemkova H, Vanecek J.

   Institute of Physiology, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Videnska, Prague.

   In neonatal rat gonadotrophs, melatonin acts through the high-affinity membrane-bound receptors to inhibit GnRH-induced [Ca2+]i increase. GnRH increases [Ca2+]i primarily by mobilization from the inositol trisphosphate-sensitive pool followed by Ca2+ influx through the voltage-sensitive channels. Melatonin inhibits the GnRH-induced [Ca2+]i increase. When added after the GnRH-induced spike, melatonin decreases [Ca2+]i in 52% of the gonadotrophs. The effect of melatonin is dependent on extracellular Ca2+ and may be mimicked by Ca2+-free medium or verapamil. When added before GnRH, melatonin inhibits the [Ca2+]i spike. This effect of melatonin is independent of extracellular Ca2+ as it persists in Ca2+-free medium. These findings indicate that melatonin blocks Ca2+ mobilization as well as Ca2+ influx in the gonadotrophs.

One thing to consider is that most clusterheads have markedly depressed melatonin levels to start with, and a 15% increase in M from taking verapamil would still leave most of us with abnormally low melatonin.  

Time-released melatonin is less likely to interact with verapamil or any other drug as the dose is spread out over several hours.  

I'm guessing your doc is being generally cautious and not acting from specific info about melatonin/verap/clusters. But you may want to talk with him/her more.  

Title: Re: melatonin my dr said to wait...
Post by maureen on Jan 12th, 2005, 8:00pm
Thanks eveyone for the info. I decided after a really long, bad night last night  to buy some melatonin. I don't think my dr wants to step up  the dosage of verapimil because my b/p is low already and is worried it could be dangerous to up the dose. in comparison to befor the verapimil my CH attacks cut probably in half so I'm ok with that. I have to see the dr next week not leaving until I get something for back up that is made for CH and not T3 I'm thinking the long night was from rebounds. THANK GOD for o2 just started using it and it's a life saver I had to find out how to get it and where then talk the dr into giving me a perscription for it. Joys of living in a small town with limited dr but I do have a appt with a neuro/ headache dr coming up. Thanks agian I would rather get info here than my dr this site unfortunaly knows more about CH than him.


Title: Re: melatonin my dr said to wait...
Post by Mr. Happy on Jan 13th, 2005, 1:36am
As far as I can find, Melatonin has no LD-50. You can eat a bucketfull, and wind up with nothing worse than gas, according to the medicos. On the other hand, if it is a CH weapon, then minor doses may have major inteactions when used in cocktail form. If only a well funded corp would pay to guinea pig some of us for long term results.

Yeah. Right....
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