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(Message started by: Leggs on Nov 20th, 2005, 9:58pm)

Title: Where's a graphic on the nerves of CH?
Post by Leggs on Nov 20th, 2005, 9:58pm
Okay, just zipping around reading up and checking up on everyone.  I promised I wouldn't fade away when I felt better, but it's just the opposite.  I can't even begin to tell you all the stupid crap that has been going on in our lives. Long story short, we have to abandon our house because of toxic mold, bill out the ying yang trying to clean it up, started a job in a high school teaching chemistry, headaches came back under the stress.....

The reason I need the graphic of the nerves of the CH, I know I have seen it somewhere medowl or somebody???   All my anatomy and biology books are in a storage because of the mold....I just took out chemistry so I could teach.  

Tomorrow, I am going to my doctor, and I want to read up on it, so I can speak to him coherently about the mechanism of CH, instead of being treated like an idiot.  I am concerned he is ready to take things to the level of messing with my nerves, I don't think I am ready for neurosurgery.

I have been in doctor hell, since about a month after I was in doctor heaven.  The doctor verified in addition to my CH, the car wreck I was in just about a year ago, damaged my occiptal nerve, and several nerves in my neck.  FINALLY I was getting answers about the mystery pain in addition to my typical CH, and finally he was helping me deal with the pain!

Kudzu went wacko on me, I was bruising, having muscle spasms, etc.  I had to go off it and am okay, just in a little pain,  not too bad.

Just when I was getting things dealt with, with this new doctor in August, He hired a PA, and she is totally inept!!!  I called the office manager 5 times and she never returned my call.  I have seen the idiot PA the  past couple visits, and I refuse to see her again.  I am going for a shot tomorrow.  

Title: Re: Where's a graphic on the nerves of CH?
Post by Racer1_NC on Nov 20th, 2005, 10:00pm

Title: Re: Where's a graphic on the nerves of CH?
Post by Leggs on Nov 20th, 2005, 10:23pm
I was just on ouch, I am looking for one I saw before that shows all that, but labels the nerves C-.....etc.  I did find the really wild one on the shrooms site ;;D  Not like I can print that one out to show the doctor [smiley=laugh.gif]

I think I will go read through the stuff here and see what I can find. I don't need the pictures, the doctor doesn't need the pictures, the PA needs the pictures!  She needs to go back to school!

Title: Re: Where's a graphic on the nerves of CH?
Post by Gator on Nov 21st, 2005, 3:58am
Try some of these:

More where these came from.  Google is a wonderful research tool.  Just search for "trigeminal nerve" - quotes included.

Title: Re: Where's a graphic on the nerves of CH?
Post by Leggs on Nov 21st, 2005, 7:48am
Thanks Gator, that's a good one.  Having a duh moment I didn't just do a google myself, I am just a bit googled in the brain right now on the doctor's office roller coaster.  

Like your Einstein quote....Can we have an alternative version for people who are  "stupid?"  That is about what is going on with my doc right now, that PA just is not very knowledgeable about what is going on physiologically with the nerves. You know you are in trouble when you ask a medical care practitioner a yes or know question, and they say "I don't know" or "I don't think so." Message Board » Powered by YaBB 1 Gold - SP 1.3.1!
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