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(Message started by: o2 on Dec 25th, 2005, 3:36am)

Title: Dihydroergotamine 3mg
Post by o2 on Dec 25th, 2005, 3:36am
Hello there, i am seeking the advice of you guys again as i am currently in Cambodia and my search for Imigran continues after emptying the chemists in Phnom Penh of their entire supply [12x50mg]. I have found Dihydroergotamine 3mg in Siem Reap and want to see if these work, so was wondering if anyone here uses them as abortive or perhaps even preventative medication? Also, is there any danger of using them together with Imigran at all? Any side-effects etc? Any info would help heaps as i am in the middle of a schoolbuilding project and would hate to leave only in the search for medication...

...and on the topic i spoke to a frend here today who is a dr and he had met a CH patient whilst working on the mountain in east timor...with no mediaction available all he could suggest for him was aspirin and to quickly drive down the mountain [sticking his head out the window of the car] to get more oxygen than on the top...sheesh! i guess we are pretty lucky really having access to all the pills and potions and support... i could not imagine being in his shoes...or another CH patient arriving in Phnom Penh this week, sorry if you do! : S

ok, enough from me, any help hugely appreciated & merry christmas all! : )

Title: Re: Dihydroergotamine 3mg
Post by Bob_Johnson on Dec 25th, 2005, 8:26am
Do not mix the two meds!

This is an old  med which has fallen from favor because it's action is inconsistent. But, having said that, I'd give it a try if you can't get any of the newer meds. The trick is to take a dose just a soon as the first signs of an attack appear: do not wait until the headache develops before taking it.

You can use it with a pain med but, as you know, there is little medical support for the effectiveness of these meds.

I would suggest trying this as an abortive before you use the ergotamines.
1: Headache 2001 Sep;41(8):813-6  

Olanzapine as an Abortive Agent for Cluster Headache.

Rozen TD.

Department of Neurology, Jefferson Headache Center/Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Philadelphia, Pa.

OBJECTIVE: To evaluate olanzapine as a cluster headache abortive agent in an open-label trial. BACKGROUND: Cluster headache is the most painful headache syndrome known. There are very few recognized abortive therapies for cluster headache and fewer for patients who have contraindications to vasoconstrictive drugs. METHODS: Olanzapine was given as an abortive agent to five patients with cluster headache in an open-label trial. The initial olanzapine dose was 5 mg, and the dose was increased to 10 mg if there was no pain relief. The dosage was decreased to 2.5 mg if the 5-mg dose was effective but caused adverse effects. To be included in the study, each patient had to treat at least two attacks with either an effective dose or the highest tolerated dose. RESULTS: Five patients completed the investigation (four men, one woman; four with chronic cluster, one with episodic cluster). Olanzapine reduced cluster pain by at least 80% in four of five patients, and two patients became headache-free after taking the drug. Olanzapine typically alleviated pain within 20 minutes after oral dosing and treatment response was consistent across multiple treated attacks. The only adverse event was sleepiness. CONCLUSIONS: Olanzapine appears to be a good abortive agent for cluster headache. It alleviates pain quickly and has a consistent response across multiple treated attacks. It appears to work in both episodic and chronic cluster headache.


Olanzapine has a brand name of "Zyprexa" and is a antipsychotic. Don't be put off by this primary usage. Several of the drugs used to treat CH are cross over applications, that is, drugs approved by the FDA for one purpose which are found to be effective with unrelated conditions--BJ.

Title: Re: Dihydroergotamine 3mg
Post by Mr. Happy on Dec 26th, 2005, 1:02am
There are 8 pharmacies within a mile of my house, and I have a hard time getting the scripts my family needs.

Move to where the drugs are.

Title: Re: Dihydroergotamine 3mg
Post by o2 on Dec 26th, 2005, 5:26am
Thanks Bob, that is super useful info, verymuch appreciated indeed! I actually tried the Tamik 3mg yesterday and took one at first signs and i really didnt like it. Instead of stopping the pain as Imigran does, it instead kind of slowed down the process, so over the next 4h the pain sort of escalated really slowly until on hour 5 i had enough and took an imigran which didn't have any effect...managed to go to sleep though as the pain was nowehere near as bad as it gets without medicine..but it made me feel hideous so wont be taking that again.  Will definitely try Olanzapine though if i can only get my hands on it out here in Cambodia.

Mr Happy, i don't live in Cambodia, i just travel around and that is my lifestyle which i am not prepared to compromise over these nasty things... it would perhaps be easier to live near the drugs but as you say it is hard to come by in most places...can you not order them online? i gues sit might be illegal, hey but desperate measures...

Thanks guys, suer appreciate the feedback! : )

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