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   This has worked for me, for 42 years
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   Author  Topic: This has worked for me, for 42 years  (Read 1600 times)
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This has worked for me, for 42 years
« on: Dec 26th, 2002, 12:29pm »
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 I  know how much cluster headaches hurt, as I suffered with them off and on for 3 years ( 1960-1963 ) until I accidently discovered how to use pressure to make them go away.  I have found that if I can prevent the first one of the series, I don't get the rest of the series of them.  Therefore I only have to do the pressure thing two or three times every couple of years.  I  still get the beginning of the headaches, so they are not cured, (just controlled).  From reading some of the stuff on the internet, it sounds like most people suffer these at night.  I don't remember it happening at night with me.  I believe it was always during the daytime (at exactly the same time of the day as the previous one) sometimes every day for a week at a time.  I have forgotten some of the details but I will never forget the pain.    
    Any way,  I will try to explain where I put the pressure.  With me, the first indication is a sore, hurting sensation behind my right eyeball, (feels more like the socket hurting), maybe like the whole eye.   This has always been the first indication of them, with me anyway.  It seems as others have slight variations.  
   This takes only one hand and usually less than 3 minutes.  At the first indication of a CH coming on, I immediately take my right hand and place my 4 fingers (not thumb)  around the right side and a little to the back side of my neck at a location just above my shoulder.  If I tip my head back and to the right, the spot is at the bend in my neck.  I found this spot because it was always one of the places that hurt.  I apply firm pressure with all 4 finger tips.  I tip my head back a little which causes my hand to put a little pressure over a longer span.  I do not know what is there for sure.  I believe it is a nerve or the blood vessel that goes to my head.  I hold the pressure on this spot for a couple of minutes then release it.  If the soreness in my eye is not gone, I re-apply the pressure.  I have never tried holding the pressure steadily for a long period of time and I would recommend against doing that.  The pressure I use is really not much, just a very firm touch with the end sections of all 4 fingers (this covers a larger area).  I am saying this because I do not use (just the tips of my fingers)  I have tried different variations of holding this spot and this is the one that seems to work the best.  When the pain in my eye socket has gone away, I quit with the prssure.  I do not believe it has ever taken more than 5 minutes.  I believe it is very important to apply the pressure at the earliest possible indication of a CH.  It was a couple of times that I was not immediate in this that it took the longest for the pain to go away.  I can honestly say that I have not had a full blown CH for over 42 years.  I still get them, but they quit with the pressure.  They used to last around an hour.  If my headaches were on the left side, I would try holding that side of my neck or both at the same time.  Mine have always been on the right side of my head.  I started to get one of the "beasts" last week but the pressure made it go away.  I will probably have to do it a couple of more times before this bout goes away for a year or two.  I wish everyone lots of luck in their own situations.
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Re: This has worked for me, for 42 years
« Reply #1 on: Dec 26th, 2002, 12:54pm »
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You must be one of the lucky ones, that this method worked for you. I think we all have tried applying pressure to eyes, ears, neck, cheekbone, jaw etc. For very few of us this has worked.
But thanks for sharing - it might work for the next person after all.
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Re: This has worked for me, for 42 years
« Reply #2 on: Dec 26th, 2002, 4:53pm »
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Thanks Terry,
but may be also another thing: some of us (few.... and lucky....) get cycles of few days a year (I know a man in Italy that have only 10 attacks ANY YEAR....
Sure, may be the pressure applied to the carotid , this low the blood amount to the brain but, like Ave, I think that's not enough. I did it sometimes... no luck...
Another thing you said.... that's my motto: "If I have not the first attack, I will skip the cycle!"   This is also what I think (Alas...pretty impossible to do!)  
But. if we could skip the first attacks, I am pretty sure that the "chain" of pain can be broken, and may be that the pain free years we have had were cycles skipped in this way (God only knows how).
Ciao and thanks
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Riccardo OUCH-Italia
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