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(Message started by: JoeyT on Dec 29th, 2002, 9:38am)

Title: Abortive Meds and Heart Disease - anyone?
Post by JoeyT on Dec 29th, 2002, 9:38am
I posted my first post on the General board yesterday. The whole thing was very therapeutic. I've had clusters for 27 years. They were chronic for 20 years. Had a heart attack 4.5 years ago and they stopped. A month ago they returned. Now my doc won't give me Imitrex or anything else with ergotamine - which was always the only thin that worked.

Does anyone else have a heart condition and CH? What does your doc give you?

I wish this site had been around in some form 27 years ago.


Title: Re: Abortive Meds and Heart Disease - anyone?
Post by domm on Dec 29th, 2002, 11:20am
Joey - email Svenn. He's had a heart attack and uses a variety of stuff. I would also suggest Verapamil as a preventative and oxygen as an abortive.
Good luck and PFDANs to you

Title: Re: Abortive Meds and Heart Disease - anyone?
Post by Bob_Johnson on Dec 29th, 2002, 11:43am
While Imitrex has a good safety profile there are sufficient negative outcomes to warrant your doc's stance given your heart condition.

Agree, that preventive meds is the best approach.

I have reported here (several months ago) excellent results using Zyprexa (olanzapine), 5mg, to abort attacks. After using Ergomar for many years it disappeared from the market and I tried the Zyprexa in desperation. It proved to work as quickly but more consistently than Ergomar.

Title: Re: Abortive Meds and Heart Disease - anyone?
Post by Svenn on Dec 29th, 2002, 4:49pm
I just wont to add my medications for breaking out of cycle.But remember that i`m not a doc,just another clusterhead from Norway  
Verapamil Retard 120mgX5-7/daily during cycle    
Oxygene alone at 10ltm for 15 minutes or combined with imitrex-shots does miracles.The shots should start working in 6-9minutes.a few secons after that you are almost painfree    
Prednisolone in high doze for 10 days 80mg    
then over a 3 weeks periode step down like 60-40-30-20-10-5mg /daily    
This is the miraclecure for me,but i`m not a doc.just another clusterhead from Norway    

I also have a bad heartcondition.Had a heartattack Nov 12.But quitting the shots is no option for me.I think that the shots is Gods gift to us clusterheads.
The thing that i don`t understand or found the answer to is how i after the attack has had only 9 light clusterattacks."singleattacks"And before i was diagnosed as a cronical.
But so it has been said."I do not reccomend heartattacks as a treatment for cluster".Its a bit extreme for that.Dont you think?  
Take care my friend    

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