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(Message started by: Riccardo on Feb 15th, 2002, 3:10am)

Title: Don't forget also....(E-MAIL)
Post by Riccardo on Feb 15th, 2002, 3:10am
if you want to hide your E-mail in the profile, no one can answer to you  via E-mail.
Is not like the last board, in which you can decide to put or not to put your E-mail in the post.

No one can write you (never!) if you hide the E-mail in the profile, until you un-hide it. (Obviously, if I have your E-mail in my book, I can anyway!)  :-/

IMHO, if you have not BIG privacy problems, don't do this! (I repeat....IMHO)

Title: Re: Don't forget also....(E-MAIL)
Post by Todd on Feb 15th, 2002, 10:45pm
what if you hide your email in the profile and then just add it to posts whenever you wish?

Title: Agree, Todd
Post by Riccardo on Feb 19th, 2002, 7:03am
my post was only for those less technical and not in need to hide their own E-mails.

Your solution is absolutely good, but, in the case I want to write you something 'private', I have to find the post (if exist) in which you have added the E-mail.

May be my Italian blood, but I can't understand this need of WEB privacy, at least here on this board.
(Not joking, is a real question)
Excluding, obviously, the cases of harrassing, hackering bickering, etc , in which the privacy is a NEED.

Title: Re: Don't forget also....(E-MAIL)
Post by Nondance on Feb 19th, 2002, 7:12am
Having one's eMail address is not necessary.
Just look up the person in the member directory and click on the name.  From there you can send a message directly to the person through this board.  

Title: Re: Don't forget also....(E-MAIL)
Post by DJ on Feb 20th, 2002, 10:39pm
Todd and Riccardo,

Good thoughts on both your parts, but it looks like this board doesn't work that way.  When you change your profile, the program changes the profile on ALL the posts you ever made.  So, either you hide or show your email on everything.

Know what I mean?


Title: I think that Todd
Post by Riccardo on Feb 21st, 2002, 2:35am
...meant to add the E-mail in the message body.
If you do so, the E-mail still remains....

In this way, I have to agree with him (personal thoughts apart ...:-)   )
Ciao to you both

And DJ, I still wait the answer about the archives (I know you have absolutely nothing to do in these days...:-)   ) Message Board » Powered by YaBB 1 Gold - SP 1.3.1!
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