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Message started by Batch on Mar 9th, 2019 at 8:30pm

Title: The Sugar Conspiracy
Post by Batch on Mar 9th, 2019 at 8:30pm
Why we should avoid all sugars...† because cardiovascular disease is not caused by cholesterol.

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For CHers and migrainerus, this is also good reason to go on an Atkins or Ketogenic diet.

Title: Re: The Sugar Conspiracy
Post by RightSider on Mar 10th, 2019 at 5:30am
Couldnít agree more Batch. Given the fact that a strict ketogenic diet put my CCHís into full remission, I have spent months and months looking at the topic of diet/cholesterol and heart disease/CVD. I had already concluded that LDL levels had no causational effect on CVD before I ever went keto. But as Iím now pretty much on keto for life, I thought it would be prudent to look at the evidence again and go a little deeper. Also, several months ago I had a blood test and found out that my cholesterol levels had increased significantly. This can happen to SOME individuals on keto, but generally speaking the levels and ratioís of HDL, LDL and triglycerides still change in a very favourable way. But in my case, although my HDL and triglycerides were great, my LDL was sky high. Therefore, even though I knew the LDL hypothesis was BS, I still went over everything yet again and researched high LDL levels with a LCHF fat. I didnít take me long to find out that it was my low body fat levels and long periods of exercise that were the cause of this. Iím not going to get into the science of this now, but letís just say that I sleep very well at night and have no concerns about my heart health.

Anyhow, to my point. A simple fact is that almost all people who experience dietary induced CVD are insulin resistant/ hyperinsulinemic (pre-diabetic or diabetic). However, itís not talked about much in the mainstream science/medical media due to the focus on diet and cholesterol (Stains make billions and the big food manufacturers want us to eat processed carbs and sugar, so fear fat and cholesterol folks!!!). Insulin resistance monumentally blows LDL out of the water as a predictor for heart disease/CVD risk. What is the main cause of insulin resistance aside from your underlying genetics? Lifelong consumption of sugar and a good helping hand from processed carbs. So, in basic terms what does all mean. Well, after everything I researched and IMHO the following . . . . .

If you are NOT insulin resistant or you take measures to address any insulin resistance you have, your risk of CVD is LOW. If you are insulin resistant and fail to address it, your CVD risk is HIGH. If you have high cholesterol and you are insulin SENSITIVE, your CVD disease is LOW! I could go on and on with the data and research on this, but I think Iíd send most readers to sleep. However, I will leave this wonderful graph showing the average cholesterol levels of 137,000 people admitted to hospital with heart disease. Although it contains no data on insulin resistance, it clearly suggests that the emphasis on cholesterol is (IMHO) complete nonsense!

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So, with these 137,000 people admitted to hospital with heart disease, 75% have LOW to AVERAGE levels of LDL in their blood. Now, I'm certainly no cardiologist or expert in CVD for that matter, but perhaps, just perhaps, there's something else is to blame!† ;)

Of course, all of the above is IMHO based on my research. It should not be blindly taken as fact or medical advice.

Take care all.


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