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Message started by AussieBrian on Jan 22nd, 2022 at 9:03pm

Title: Caution! Poetry ahead.
Post by AussieBrian on Jan 22nd, 2022 at 9:03pm
This isn't writ to be read.† It's wrote to be spoke,† so imagine an old man sitting on his back verandah,† quietly reminiscing.

† †† ††† ††† †† †† ††CHILD EYES

At the polite insistence of my darling wife
(Orright,† I was nagged to an inch of my life)
I got a truck-load of dirt to level the garden.
Had it dropped by the drain,† then Lord did it rain,
And I never got back to that project again
And as for the trouble-and-strife,† Iím still begging her pardon.

I admit sheís asked twice that I fix up the gates,
(She says,† ĎMore like a millioní† -† she exagerates)
And as for the chook-run,† I know it could do with a stitchiní.
But while the snakes can get in,† they can also get out,
The chooks have room to roam about
And the neighbour gets eggs laid fresh,† right there in her kitchen.

Thereís some long dead machinery scattered around,
Timber palings and such,† where the fence fell down,
And then the grand-kids came to pay us a visit.
Now Iím not scared of change,† itís the name of the game,
But I can tell you things just ainít been the same,
I look at these old things now and think,† ĎWell, what is it?í

For that old mound of dirt became a great fort,
And battles raged round it as great battles ought,
As a rough-painted grease-rag flew oíer the Eureka stockade.
History got done, the miners won!
The troops were all set to the run,
And to the victors the spoils,† and the lemonade.

The big pepper-corn tree that I never did like
Was a fairyís castle,† lantern-lit each night,
And by day it became the greatest old ship ever.
They sailed her well, though the seas were hell,
The dinner-gongís now a world-travelled shipís bell,
And Iíve since carved into the bark the name ĎEndeavourí.

It was just an old kennel but the things itís seen,
The making of kings,† beheading a queen,
Thereís the five gallon drum that carried the virgin Mary.
And Iíve promised the wife† (upon me life)
Iíll clean this all up,† itís no great strife,
She just sighs,† and smiles,† and nags me only rarely.

(Brian D. Lee)

Title: Re: Caution! Poetry ahead.
Post by Peter510 on Jan 23rd, 2022 at 5:11am
Wonderful Brian.

Thank you.


Title: Re: Caution! Poetry ahead.
Post by AussieBrian on Jan 27th, 2022 at 2:01am
(From the archives of

We have a hypothalamus and,† oh,† but for the life of us,
It plays up,† stays up,† breaks up and wakes us up.
My little hypothalamus,† big like hippopotamus,
It mustíve fostered cluster and youíre busted down to hell with us.

Medication,† meditation,† seditation,† tried the lot.
Lithium and calcium,† lidocaine, tried smoking pot.
Caffergotcha,† melatonin,† teeth pulled,† stop your moaning,
Acupuncture,† coca cola,† anything to stop the rot.

Hot packs,† cold packs,† predni-poison,† dopey-max,
Ibuprofen and religion,† snorted mustard,† visited quacks.
Imitrex and quick sex,† goodness knows what hex is next,
Donít tell us,† hypothalamus,† we all must just learn to relax.

Hoo-doo,† voo-doo,† kudzu,† verapomil,
Boo-hoo,† no O2.† Like you,† I canít stand still.
Head-banging til itís bleeding.† Gimme strength,† itís all Iím needing,
Pills chill my thrills,† hypothalamus.† Iím filled with the will to kill.

So,† hypothalamus,† tell us tales weíll all believe,
Why you swipe at all the lot of us with a pain we canít relieve.
Did you have a lousy childhood?† Dad a thug,† your mother no good,
Or are you just a nasty basket who deceives to achieve?

Ha,† weíve got you,† hypothalamus! Feisty beastie that you be.
Weíve seen you beat and cheat us, now we see your destiny.
We suffer rough and tough,† so stuff your bluff weíve had enough,
Iíve now got lots of friends,† itís no longer just thee and me.

Title: Re: Caution! Poetry ahead.
Post by AussieBrian on Feb 13th, 2022 at 2:58am
(With apologies to Max Ehrmann.)

Desiderata and CH.

Go placidly amid the noise and haste,† and remember what peace there may be in pain-free days and nights.

As far as possible,† without surrender,† be on good terms with those that offer advice.† Speak your truth quietly and clearly before strangling those who'd offer goji berries at a price.† Tread softly upon the genitals of capsaicin purveyors and torture only slowly the trolls who'd offer us a cure.

Listen to others,† even the dull and ignorant,† for they too have their stories of unimaginable migraines and tooth-ache.† Avoid loud and aggressive persons,† they are vexations to the spirit and a mere Kip-5 would kill 'em.

Exercise caution with the medical profession,† for the world is full of trickery,† but let this not blind you to the virtue there is in O2 and a good neuro.† Many persons strive for high ideals but there's only one Deej.† Especially,† do not feign affection,† for we love you as you are:† CH and all.

Take kindly to the counsel of the oldsters,† gracefully surrendering the years of mis-diagnosis.† Nurture strength in spirit to shield you in sudden Kip-10.† But do not distress yourself with imaginings as many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness.† Thank you

Beyond a wholesome discipline,† be gentle with yourself and your supporters,† especially when head-banging is all,† for you are a child of the universe.† No less than the trees and the stars,† you have a right to demand imitrex,† 25lpm and verapamil,† or seek out clusterbusters should it be your desire.† Frozen peas are our friends.

Therefore be at peace with your beast,† whatever you conceive it to be,† and whatever your labors and aspirations.† In the noisy confusion of life,† keep peace with your soul and ensure your arsenal is full.

With all its sham,† drudgery and broken dreams,† it is still a wonderful world.

Be cheerful.† Strive to be happy.† PF times for all.

Title: Re: Caution! Poetry ahead.
Post by AussieBrian on Feb 20th, 2022 at 10:45pm

(From the archives of

Ode to Oxygen

O2, you be my wife,
To you I owe my life.
I lie with you,† cry without you,
Die should I not have you.
Steel bottle,† you're so beautiful,
Youthful,† slim and touchable,
Seductive,† seducive and
Oh!† Just so sensual.

Your slinkiness and hardness
And coolness alone,
Render me speechless,
Entirely in your thrall.
Let me breathe of your breath,
New lease on life,† not ugly death,
To live again,† be a man again,
You're my be-all and end-all.

Those taps and guages
Drive me wild with desire.
I must touch them and stroke them,
Like stoking a fire.
I'm burning and yearning
And hearing you calling,
Just seeing you there†
Like lingerie falling.

O2!† Please hold me,
Let me be bold with you.
We'll snuggle and cuddle,
Kill this monster a-borning.
It's not just chance meeting,
Or love so fleeting,
Thank you,† O2,
I'll respect you in the morning.

Title: Re: Caution! Poetry ahead.
Post by AussieBrian on Mar 3rd, 2022 at 10:31pm
(Written by a CHead who was in a dark place.)

† †† †† †† † Stalked

Staring at an empty page,

Pen in hand,† mind all black.

The beast is prowling,† hear it growling,

Circling ready for next attack.

Too scared to sleep,† too weak to weep,

Cowering in fear of whatís ahead,

I know it canít kill me,† but still it can fill me

With terror unquenchable,† bottomless dread.

No second chances,† the monster advances,

The stalkingís over,† itís time for the fight.

No ducking or weaving,† just bucking and heaving,

The claws have sunk in and now comes the bite.

The lashing,† the crashing,† the gnashing of teeth

As my skull slowly crumples,† bone torn apart.

Talons of fire take my eye entire,

Itís merciless,† endless,† cut blind to the heart.

How long has it been,† a minute?† A year?

Where am I?† Is it over,† or just a reprieve?

I know that itís out there just watching, and waiting,

And gloating,† and hoping I really believe

That itís gone forever,† in future itíll never

Come back to attack,† where-ever and when.

Iím beaten,† defeated,† the beast has feasted

Again,† and again,† and again and again.†

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