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For quite some time, people have been posting numbers to describe the amount of pain that their headaches cause them.  There was no real "guideline" so that we were all on the same page....  until now.

Our late friend Mr. Bob Kipple was up late with the demon late one night and put the pain that we had been speaking of into what has affectionately been named The Kip Scale.  I think you'll agree that what he's written down is right on the money.

Pain level 0
No pain, life is beautiful

Pain level 1
Very minor, shadow's come and go. Life is still beautiful

Pain level 2
More persitent shadow's

Pain level 3
Shadow's are getting constant but can deal with it

Pain level 4
Starting to get bad, want to be left alone

Pain level 5
Still not a "pacer" but need space

Pain level 6
Wake up grumbling, curse a bit, but can get back to sleep with out "dancing"

Pain level 7
Wake up, sleep not an option, take the beast for a walk and finally fall into bed exhausted

Pain level 8
Time to scream, yell, curse, head bang, rock, whatever work's

Pain level 9
The "Why me?" syndrome starts to set in

Pain level 10
Major pain, screaming, head banging, ER trip. Depressed. Suicidal.



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