CH opera... Today: The ailing heartthrob Mike B has wondrous remission from rare and unknown condition afflicted on him by an evil Voodoo doctor in the tropics while doing something very gallant and philanthropic on his yacht and Paula marrys her mother-in-law! Can her husband, Donny handle it? Find out...

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Posted by Mike B ( on July 11, 2001 at 16:31:53:

Hello guys and gals, (Groans)

Thought I'd just pop up and post a little good news for a change! The title for this post looks maybe just a little too long :) but what the hell... Feeling too good to worry about little crap like that!

Somehow, thank god almighty, I spent 8 hours at work without feeling but a few minor Kip's. Maybe some non-CH folks would think they were pretty bad headaches but I was like in awe of the (Mostly)PF feeling. Great great stuff!

My boss, after work, called me in to his office to speak with me and for a minute, I was really sweating it! He looked a little disturbed or preturbed, I could not tell which. Oh boy, I thought. He's gonna try and have me excorsized (Either from the firm or to get rid of the beast within, wasn't sure). And NO, I did not say circumsized! (Excuse me ladies). Hmmm, hey, do you guys think that would help with CH? No, no, no, I meant an excorsizm not a circumsizion! I kept looking out of the corner of my eye for a priest or two (No, not the Jewish types!). But there was nobody there. Just me and him and him and me. Staring at each other for a minute. And it sure was quite, I could, through the window, hear the seagulls farting and squawking contentedly on the eaves outside. It was that quite, kind of like a scene from the birds. I don't know.
Engineering offices always seem to have that quality. Like there is never an illogical sound or even a joke or a smile to ever break the silence. Just keyboards softly clicking and mouses shushing along their CAD thingies. Do you think it's some kind of malady they pick up in school?

Anyway, he was quite nice about it all. Told me that if I needed to take time off, while of course it would create havoc with his scheduling, to go ahead and take it. He was very supportive, said he was a logical person and not to worry. He would not be angry with me for having an illness. He said he hoped that I could get it resolved (Told him about the neuro appt.) and we'd keep going from there. Wow. Cool boss, huh?
This, needless to say was very relieving!

BTW, he must not have looked at this site yet. LOL! I suppose tommorrow, well, you never know! Whew!

Anyway, thanks for all of the support from you guys. I was really scared to talk to him and let him know this was a serious problem. I was fortunate to be able to tell him that it was only temporary of course. It's bad enough having all of these other problems without overly worrying about employment. I feel very fortunate so far. I really feel for those of you who suffer chronically! Hang in there though, cause if you think about it something good is eventually going to happen. You've just got to be there when it does. :)

Also I would like to thank 'Georgia' for the great email, and yes your right, I need to get rid of the darn thing. :) Also thanks again to Rebeka and to everyone else. You guys all rock!

Ok, gonna cruise the board then probably sit around and pick my nose and fart in rythm with some James Brown or something. Cause, I feel good! Dananana! Like I knew that I would! Yeeowww! DanDa! DanDa! Ooooo! Do it Mr. Brown!

Anyway, I know I can be a bit looloo now and then but hey, I do feel good. Haven't felt this good in a while. So, I was enjoying expressing it (Before the beast comes again). Thanks you guys. I hope that all of you find some PF time like I did today. A whole hell of a lot of it!

Somebody must've been praying...

Stay tuned unti the next installment of the CH opera...because, you never know what might happen next. Will the ailing but still handsome globe trotting tychoon, Mike B, finally reunite with the incredibly beautiful nurse, Cathy? Or will the Voodoo doctor's curse strike again, causing him to lose all of his millions in the stock market and have to claim bankruptcy and fall drunkenly on his face while he watches as she marries his staggeringly rich long time immoral business rival, the ripped and swarthy Phillipe'? And what about Paula and Donny and the Mother-in-law??? Stay tuned...

Ok, ok. Enough is enough I reckon. Sorry, just having a little fun...Before I have to do battle again...

Come hither yon Beast! I have a trusty sword here that I'd like to shove right up yer hairy ass! (Sorry ladies, that sounded a hell of a lot worse than I meant it to. LOL!)

Love you guys, Michael B

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