Hey TommyD (Here is my first CH experience)

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Posted by Mike (B) ( on July 11, 2001 at 17:28:09:

In Reply to: Odd question posted by tommyD on July 11, 2001 at 16:17:42:

Hi TommyD,

All I can say is that I do not recall personally having experienced anything like that before my first CH. There were no warnings that I can think of before my first 'attack' or later ones but it went something like this. You know, for some reason, I feel like telling about it) (Groans :).

-I was carrying two gallons of water in each hand in a grocery store, on my way to the check out counter when suddenly I exp this incredibly (This stuff is all too familiar now)intense pain in my head, right behind the left eye. Almost dropped the water and hit the floor. It felt like someone was grabbing my optic nerve with a pair of needle nosed pliers that they had jammed through my temple and was malisciously twisting now and then. My whole head on that side seemed to be pulsing and pounding painfully and my face felt like somebody was occasionaly and slowly prying the upper jaw off of it on that side. I, of course, thought I was having some kind of freaky anneurism (sp?) or stroke or something equally grand.
Strangely, I did not at that time go to the ER. Since I did not drop to the floor and like writhe about or something, I figured that I could at least retain some dignity and get out of the store. I somehow got the water paid for and made it to my car. Then after a while during which I sat in my car enduring and wondering if I would keel over, I drove back to the Pow Wow I was attending, gave the water to the ladies I got it for and just kind of collapsed for a few hours in the shade of a tree where no one could see me. My father finally arrived after awhile, found me and took one look at me and rushed me to the ER. I remember that I was in terrible pain there to for awhile. They about killed me with some kind of shot they gave me. They left, had me laying on a pediatric gurney and my legs were just hanging off. ER was over capacity. I stopped breathing, I clearly remember just looking up at the ceiling, for what seemed like a long time, long time, just thinking about my life and everything. Hmm, not breathing. No big deal. I guess it's Ok. What the hell. People were just walking by (I was lying in the hallway underneath some striplights) every once in awhile. Heck, I thought maybe they had screwed up their DX and I was checking out. Felt kind of relieved because of the pain and all. Was stupid, I didn't do anything to get their attention. I don't guess I wanted to. Finally someone noticed and they gave me another shot which quickly made me puke all over the place but I started breathing again at least...
They then did all of the MRI, Cat scan kind of stuff and told me that there was nothing physically wrong with me that could have caused the whole episode. Ended up with DX of CH's. And about three months of fun and games with our pal, the beast...

That was my CH initiation anyway. Fun stuff.

No warnings that I can remember at all... Though that was when the 'No Name storm' hit the west coast of Florida and flooded the hell out of everything. Forecasters said that the storm's barometric pressure readings were the lowest ever recorded... Coincidence? Don't know. This current cycle I am having seems like it started just as a recent tropical wave moved over Florida as well. Who knows? I have thought that maybe it had something to do with this. But then again, I am a surfer and EVERY big storm I can get to I am gonna surf those big waves. Got to LIVE sometimes ya know? Where was the beast during all of those times? So, I think it is unrelated.

(It seems that I just cannot post a short post! Laughin at self! I hope this site is very robust 'cause I might break it if I keep this up! And then you'd all really be pissed at me.)

Anyway, Nice to see you posting TommyD. I wish you success in dealing with the beast!

Hang in there bud, Michael B

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