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Posted by Mike R ( on July 11, 2001 at 21:24:34:

Well i`m going on month four of these friggen headaches. They are getting worse and much more frustrating. I got some headache powders and they actually worked for a few days,but became lees and less efective as the week went on and now I dont even bother with them anymore.

My girlfriends father died last weekend and I had to sit out in the lobby of the funeral home during the visiting hours because all the flowers and perfumes the other people had on triggered a headache.
I missed part of the burial services the next morning due to waking up up 2:30 AM with a raging headache. It was so bad that I took myself to the emergency room for help and was given a prescription for something called furinol or something like that. I forget what it`s called,but it`s a joke and kills the pain for only about a half hour if that. I got home from the ER at 5:30 and the burial services started at 8:00. I was a fucking wreck and I`m still not quite sure how I got myself there.
At the church the priest lit an incense burner and it knocked me for a loop. I had not been in a church in over 15 years and I certainly wont be going back anytime soon.

Today was the day of my big neurology appointment. I was given a bunch of tests and then I plead my case. He said it sure sounds like cluster headaches and I was given imitrex injections,Verapamil and a giant oxygen tank that will be delivered tomorrow. I`m also getting a little tank on wheels for when I feel like going out and impressing the ladies!

I was also told today not to believe much of what I read on the internet (including this site) and that CH really isnt as bad as it`s made out to be. What he meant was that theres a high sucess rate of treating this disease. This is of course his opinion and seems to go against the endless,horrible torment I read about from those who frequent this site.

I dont know what to make of this all yet other than it really sucks. I havent been driven to the point of banging my head on the wall or down on the floor twitching.but these headaches have made my daily routine nearly impossible. When I was younger I used to speculate on what ailments I might get when I was older and headaches like this never even crossed my mind.
There is a great deal of cruel irony here. When I was younger I dealt with phobias and anxiety at school from kindergarten through highschool. Saying I had a headache got me out of gym and other classes dozens of times. It never really had headaches,but it was my #1 excuse. Now that I`m 30 years old I`m suddenly struck with some of the worst REAL headacahes imaginable.

I guess I`ll see how the oxygen works tomorrow and give the Verapamil a chance. I tried the imitrex injection today,but it didnt work at all. Now I got a headache AND a sore bump on my leg.


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