Hey all. Morning. The pills revisisted...

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Posted by Mike B ( on July 12, 2001 at 05:27:19:

In Reply to: Who needs my imitrex pills? posted by Mike R on July 12, 2001 at 02:08:14:

Morning again evryone,

Stupid stupid beast is with me. (Hugs and kisses to the SOB) Tried to Slepf for maybe twenty minutes ealier and subsequently received my just rewards am just about coherent again (I hate trying to sleep because that's when the bastard really really kills me :).

Mike R, while that is a very noble gesture on your part(and I already have said something like that but I still salute your good nature for this offer and it does not bother me to say it again), you must be careful for your own sake and others.

God only knows that I myself thought about those damn pills many many times tongihgt. Was wishing that I had them myself. Even thought about taking you up on it earlkier as I was about to go dancin. (BTW, I am tired of dancin tongiht. Can't someone just turn the damn music off already? :)I have read others posts where they cannot get any medications either adn boiy, you know that they could use them too.

I must say that, honestly, I am jeal;ous of all of you who can get the medications that you need. But I also know that I am fortunate to have even the wrong ones that I do have. This whole med problem must be dealt with and dealt with using kid gloves. I have to totally agree with what Mr. Emond has said.

Nobody like to be the grinch. While the med-pool thing is a very wonderful idea. I would love to not say this but, yes, it is illegal to give prescribed medications to someone else who has a prescription for hte same thing. And that is why I was trying to say somehting earlier about your two pills. And yes, the authorities do not care if it is two pills or two hundred. They are trying to stop online pharmacies and that kind of crap all of thetime and I'm sure they'd like a freebie to stick in their caps.

Mike R, I salute you your good nature but I for one cannot accept such akind offer because it might effect all of the rest of us. I would never want to do anything that mite crash this site. Even If I write too much or whatever, I still love all of you guys and I just cannot do something like that to everyone.

Dave, I must second your opinion though I have a feeling that it is not exactly going to be popular. It would be better to set up some kind of donation thing for people who need to see doctors in order to get the meds legally than to do it the other way. As much as that sucks, it is still true. (I for one will not be able to utilize the upcoming visit to the neurologist because I will have no insurance. PCP will not authorize the referal in time so I am screwed. Pipe dreams suck. Sigh. So realize that i am not just saying all of this for hte hell of it.)

I guess I care what happens to you Mike R and everyone else and it is not worth it for a couple of pills or even a hundred pills. It is also tru that we need to move fcarefully some times in order to protect everyione around us who we care about and love. Darn, I thin I'm starting to repeat myself here and we all know I don't want ot carry on anymore.

Anyway, I thank you. That is my hukble opinion though.

Love and peace to all, Michael B

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