Oxygen trouble and more on those damn pills again

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Posted by Mike R ( on July 12, 2001 at 13:39:11:

Ok,first of all I want to comment on th some of the posts about the safety issues involving giving away the pills.
My intention was to give these pills or any other pills to ONLY those people who had a prescription from a doctor,but no insurance to buy them. If the doctor said they should have the pills it shouldnt make any difference where they come from. 50mg imitrex is 50mg imitrex no matter who hands you the box. As I said,they would have ONLY gone to someone with a prescription,but I now realise the issue of proof. How would someone prove that they have a prescription?

Alright enough with the pills. Heres something even more screwed up.
I just got my O2 tank about an hour ago. I had shadows of pain so I tried the O2 and found that the smell of the plastic mask is one of my olfactory triggers! It made no difference how high I turned the O2 up since the plastic/rubber smell over powered any helping effect the O2 might have had.
I ended up with a headache that was worse than when i started. I`ve put the mask outside in hopes that the smell will wear off,but my experience with materials like this is that the smell will last a very long time.
The other problem is with the construction of the mask itself and it`s the same situation I have with my painting respirator. They both put too much pressure on the already painfull area between my eye and nose. The tighter the mask,the more the pain,but if it`s not tight theres a poor seal and outside air gets in when I inhale. I`ve tried to find a happy medium with both the oxygen mask as well as my paint respirator,but there isnt one.
The paint respirator is something I used to use when I used certain model paints and solvents,but now I have to wear it for almost everything I do including washing dishes,and cleaning with ordinary cleaning products. I was given an Astelin nose spray to try and combat all these smells,but it does next to nothing.

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