CH opera: Today, Mike B gets a big big smile...

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Posted by Mike B ( on July 14, 2001 at 12:55:48:

Hey guys and gals, (Groans :)

Just wanted to tell you all about something really cool that just happened to me.

Last night, some friends were trying to get me to come over to their house and party a little. Whoop it up like. A friend said he wanted to show me his new surfboard that he just bought. But, I turned them down. Had to keep saying no thanks but I just don't think I feel like it and stuff like that. (The last time I went out at night, I had a very bad CH and just felt totally emberassed (em-bare-assed?) and all by the experience.) I was glad I did not go to because I was soon CH'n away like crazy. You know how that is... I was actually on the floor between posts I was writing last night. Not seeking sympathy. Just 'The way things are'. And BTW, Cathy, I am ok.

Ok. A little MB history. I have been trying to buy a new surfboard for about two or three months. They are pretty expensive for a good one and I had it down to about $325. Haven't been able to pay more on it because of well, life. BTW, I have only had one new surfboard (hell, 10 yrs ago) in almost 20 years of surfing. Somebody stole it after I had it for a few weeks. The stupid bastard. It was a good board.

Anyway, so here I am sitting here and just farting around on the computer this morning and my friends and my brother came over, said they wanted to show me my friend's new board. We all sat around and chewed the fat a little while, shared a bone and such. My friend had his new board inside a board bag and after awhile he gets up and brings it over saying, 'Hey man, check out my new board dude.' He slid the board out and showed it to me. Surprised, I realized that it was the board I had been trying to pay off!

Holy s@#t! I was damn surprised. Just shocked! Apparently, my friend, who works with me, a LOT of my other friends, some who I have not talked to in yrs, and my brother all pitched in and bought the board, a board bag, a leash, fins and a bunch of other stuff. Geez, I mean it was like probably $400 to $450 worth of stuff in all. Not that $ value is the important thing here. It was just a lot of dough. And just a priceless amount of love man...
They gave it to me early (My birthday is on the 19th) because there is supposed to be a swell this weekend. It's been flat for two months pretty much.

I just didn't know what to say. I mean damn. That's the best birthday gift I have ever received. I did not realize that my friends cared that much. Awww, I guess, as they say, I've got some soldiers.

Wow. Just hoping that all of you will hang around and wait for the good things to happen in your lives too. Like I keep saying. It will happen without a doubt!

And, as far as my posts and their length (Is the length of a man's post directly proportional to the length of a man's post??), I just felt like saying: If you don't have the time or whatever then, hey don't read 'em. Won't hurt my feelings. I usually don't have bad things to say about anyone. Just talking, you now?And if you don't like me or what I have to say, well, not be overly rude, but, as the shirt says, FYYFF! Respectfully of course... :)

And with that latest installment, there ends today's episode of the CH: Opera. Stay tuned...

(You never know, I may end up getting a life then you all can have the message board back sometimes I guess. LOL! Just borrowing it for a few minutes...)

Hope everyone is doing ok today. My prayers include you all...

Love to all, Michael B

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