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Posted by Elaine ( on July 14, 2001 at 13:32:09:

In Reply to: You've got a really good point posted by Barb D. on July 14, 2001 at 11:55:16:

I have to tell you that the reason I stopped emailing the officers ect.. is I never got letters back from anyone but BobP sometimes Kip would answer my letters. To tell you the truth I see no reason OUCH can't be talked about on ch.com ! This is where it started. This is where most all the members are and where most of the new members come from. Plus it would be nice to get others opinions as well as the officers on things that come up. Who knows A answer might just jump up that way.

The year the people voted for where the convention would be was a mess, untill the people voted. The votes came through my computer. We choose two places and when the votes were counted the people stopped fussing and excepted where it was. I did not think it was so hard myself. Nor did I think it was a mess. It was fair and squar and thats all they wanted.

I been with OUCH two years and very few problems or disagreements have happen between members in those two years. We have lots of people that work their butt off doing something. There has just been lots of work done that people don't see cause its kept to email!

I think people should see the good things as well as the bad about OUCH!

I think the reason we had such a good convention this year was, I spent a whole year getting people involved. You know what everyone that got involved enjoyed it. I would say I am going to do this and someone would come back with a better idea and I took that idea they gave me and made it work. Some of these people were not even members of OUCH but they are now! I posted on the board I talked about it in chat and just got as many people as I could involved.

Get on this board tell them what your doing where your going. Tell them when you need ideas and ask for peoples opinion and you know what you will get it and you would be surprized how many out there will help and also become members. There will be some who disagree. Its ok for them to disagree. Just keep a open mind don't take it personal check their disagreements out and think it over, it might be important someting that was over looked ect..You can bet your bottom dollar that even the good things that are posted someone will find fault. Its just something that will happen.

I think you guys are doing a great job and your hard work has NOT gone unnoticed!

I think also I have to say this that we all have become friends from meeting each other ect.. That makes it even harder to voice opinions when its different because we don't want you or Bob or Kip or Dave ect... to take it personal. Try to seperate OUCH and friendship. You guys were the first clusters head I met I love you guys very much, sometimes I don't agree with things in OUCH but I have always cared very much for each of you.
The only right thing to do as far as the convention goes is leave it where it is because Bonnie and Waren will do a great job and they were nice enough to do it and God knows they need to get started on it now LOL! It will take them the whole year. It would have been nice had you guys said hey we got to figure out a way to pick a place for the convention thats fair to all. Hey throw us some ideas as to how to go about this. I bet you would have got lots of ideas, then take those ideas put them together and have the BOD vote on them. To leave us out all together and change the rules just did not seem fair. You guys have a voice give us a voice let us help too. That is all we ask!

I have seen no aguring on the board about OUCH all I have seen is statements made and questions and opinions.

You guys are great keep up the good work but tell us about the work!

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