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Posted by Anne Thomas ( on August 01, 1999 at 11:40:07:

For several yrs before becoming a full time at home mommy I worked as a social worker at a family services agency. Within the course of 2 months I became involved and quite familar with 2 very bizarre cases, both however very similar. The first one involved a 16 yr old boy who was at home after school watching TV. A girl who was very upset within was seeking revenge. She contacted local police and reported that this young man was at his home with friends, had a handgun and was playing Russian Roulette with 2 of his friends. Police arrived, the young man identified himself at the door, police put a gun to his head demanding the whereabouts of the other 2 and the location of his handgun. Police searched the home, handcuffed the kid and held him in coustody until his parents arrived at the police station. After an investigation the young lady was arrested and charged. This kids shortly after his experience bagan to suffer horriffic headpain, was often unable to go to school, lost his place on the football team, had to have a tutor at home, was back and forth to the ER, this went on for months. This kid had every test known and even went to the Lahey Clinic in Mass, no relief, lots of drugs, no help, his poor family was distraught. He entered counseling and slowly bagan to get pieces of his life back....The other case was of a woman, an office worker at a local mental health clince who was briefly held hostage by a gun wielding patient. She was never able to return to work due to incredible headaches, and was on disability. Having interviewed these persons and having read their medical records I never had reson to doubt them. The mind is pretty powerful, persons are even experimenting with undergoing surgery without anestisia and are opting to use hypnosis. I just wanted to share these 2 cases with you, IAM IN NO WAY SHAPE ARE FOURM SUGGESTING THAT ANYONE HERE IS PSYCOMATIC, PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THIS POSTING AS SUCH. tHERE IS SO MUCH ABOUT THE MIND WE STILL DO NOT KNOW ABOUT. My husband often says jokingly that maybe my headaches are a reaction to him because I was fine before we married. He now tells his friends to have their brides to be MRI'ed, full body....Be well

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