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Posted by Barbara D. ( on August 01, 1999 at 14:08:56:

In Reply to: Agreed posted by drummer on August 01, 1999 at 09:21:18:

When I first found this board (I think it was back before dirt) I was so elated that I just jumped right in and started asking questions, making wise cracks, and getting to know everyone who posted.

I've heard about the cliques lately and it really surprised me, because I NEVER had that feeling. Yes, we are getting a LOT of newbies coming aboard, but I've always thought everyone was welcomed "warmly" except for a couple who came on and blaste all of us as "whiney-assed wimps who just wanted sympathy".

Now, a lot of us are chronic and probably spend more time here than others. Well, let me enlighten you - WE hurt like hell and sometimes this is our only outlet. We are NOT a clique, we just have HAs longer than those who are episodic and after a couple of years of NO let-up it DOES get you down.Some days we DO come here looking for a hug, but other days we're here to help where we can.

About not getting answers when you post. Maybe no one has an answer to your question. Maybe someone is trying to find an answer for you and will get back to you when they have one. Maybe an answer was e-mailed. Why do some posts get more responses when they're trivial matters - maybe some of us just need a good laugh or appreciated the relief from something unrelated to CH. This is a question I don't think anyone can answer. It's NOT personal nor is it "slighting" anyone just because they're not in the Clique.

Everyone who comes to this board is here for a reason - support. So when someone says, "we" they are referring to everyone on the board - not a "chosen" few. Several of my posts have referred to what "we" discussed some time back. I'm referring to everyone who was on the board at that time, not any specific "group" of people.

About the "bashing" that's going on - I agree it should NOT be happening, but when you get as diverse a group as we have here, it's going to occur occassionally. It's not ALL bad. It clears the air and let's everyone vent. But when it has gone far enough, one of us "old-timers" usually jump in and say "ENOUGH!" and that's it till the next time.

Nuff said. Let's play nice for a while.

Hugs BD

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