Going to the Creek

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Posted by Linda B ( on August 02, 1999 at 14:14:07:

In Reply to: Im Ready posted by Amanda Best on August 02, 1999 at 12:50:25:

Ok Amanda. By the way do people call you Mandy? My best friend growing up her name was Amanda. I alway`s called her Mandy.
Ok it a beautiful walk you`ll love it. It take`s about 2 city block`s to get to it, but what you see along the way and when you get there is breath taking.
Come on let`s get started. Got your water? Good then where ready. Op`s watch that first step it can be a doze. We ok? Great. You know this tree here. This one right here that has white flower`s on it. I planted that one the day my daughter was born. O`My daughter she`s as beatiful as an angel, but act`s like a lil devil. Anyway this tree is 8 year`s old now. Was just a we lil thing when we planted it. Now look at it. Where half way there. Look, Shhhh be really really quite I want to show you something very special. Now dont yell or anything are you will scare her. I`ll worn ya before I show you. Ten feet to the left of you is where mama bear live`s. Well yes for real. I wouldnt pull your leg. Unless you wanted me to pull it. Ok you can stop laughing at me. She`s been here long than I have, but if you walk and speak softly she will let you close enough to pet her an she`ll even let you hold her cube`s. Here I alway`s keep sugar cube`s in my pocket for her an her cube`s. Ok watch... See ha ha ha ha Her tongue tickle`s. Ok you try. See that wasnt so bad. Ahhh there`s one of here cub`s. Isnt he soft. Well let`s say bye to them. Will see them on are way back. Only a 1/4 of away left. This tree here. Yeap you got it we planted it when my son was born. This one`s 14 year`s old. An look at it. The yellow bloom`s on it we dont know where they came from. Hubby say`s they have yellow bloom`s on it because are son`s hair is so blonde. OOOO Where here. Ok close your eye`s. Dont worry I wont let you trip. There`s something special I want to show you. Ok three more step`s,two more.one more. Ok Open. Told ya. It just take`s your breath away. It the most fabulose water fall I have ever seen in. If you look at it at this angle you can see a man on a horse. Yes he does look like an indian. All this land use to belong to the Cherokee`s. The cabin we where just at was built by them. Most peope dont know my ancester`s built an lived in cabin`s. They think we lived in tpee`s. lol that one alway`s crak`s me up. Anyway`s over the year`s the water fall has seemed to carved a indian on a horse. Never seen anything like it.
Here we can set here for awhile an let you rest.
I know these rock`s remind me of big Flinstone chair`s. It`s a nice place to sit an watch all of nature around you. When you ready will go into the water. It cool an on a hot day like this it will feel great. You rest and just tell me when your ready.

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