Memory Loss/ Anyone remember?

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Posted by Barbara D. ( on August 02, 1999 at 17:52:58:

During the conversations in Dave's Garage, Dave's wife mentioned that he suffered from CRS (Can't Remember S***)and a good natured argument started and I think the women won. It was a guy thing! Right?

Since then I've been thinking about it. My business partner tells me I keep asking her things we've discussed not long before. For months she's been blaming it on the meds I was taking. But since February I haven't been taking that many meds, so maybe it wasn't that but the HAs causing this loss of memory.

I've talked to other Cheads the last few days that concur my findings that short term memory loss is a problem with them too.

A few minutes ago I was talking to Duke on the phone and asked him about memory loss. He has it too, so I said I was going to post something on the board about it to see if we're just wackos or if this has just not been brought up before (can't remember - LOL). To remember to do this, I wrote on the pad by the phone: Post Memory Loss on Board. Otherwise I think I would have forgotten to do so. After we hung up, I saw my note and here I am posting.

Do the rest of you suffer from short term memory loss (Long term I don't have a problem with - can remember every sin my hubby ever committed - in detail!)? I have gotten to the point that I MUST write down everything. Take Pill - Pill Taken, etc. I forget and that's aggrivating.

Let me know if the rest of you have this problem also. If so, we may have something else for Carl to use on his disability claim. How can you get anything done if you can't remember what you're doing? I forget!

Hugs BD

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