This sucks! Nothing works two nights in a row.

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Posted by Trent ( on August 02, 1999 at 21:03:17:

I know what I'm writing is probably nothing new to most of you but my friends and family can't relate. It seems to fall on deaf ears when I go off on a tangent. I am "fortunate" that I only get one attack per day and that it is always just after bedtime. Some nights I can shut it down pretty quickly and some nights I can not. I try to rotate my weapons(o2,vicaden,naproxin sodium,ice,dramamine) in hopes that I have picked the right one. All have worked for me but all have failed me. Dramamine and o2 seem to have the best results, working 2 out of 3 times, but it sucks when they don't. The pain pills don't stop the pain but usually turn a noisy 9 to a quiet 4. That really works the liver and kidneys over so I try to not get too crazy with the pills. Since I have been in this recent cycle(3 weeks), twice I have stayed up 4 hours past my regular bedtime, and both times I was painfree all night. I probalby screwed up the bio-clock and broke the patern for a day. One last thing that I have added to my arsenal is music played very soft. It almost has to be in the background. This only seems to work on an attack of 6 or below. If its higher then a 6 its more trouble then it worth. I'm sure it's just a mental thing with me to get my mind off the pain but somtimes it really helps. Maybe it's just me or maybe it's the Grateful Dead. Thanks for letting have this place to get these things off my mind and share some of my views."We will get by, we will survive" The Grateful Dead hang loose... Trent

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