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Posted by Linda B ( on August 03, 1999 at 11:28:11:

In Reply to: kids posted by Lisa Yob on August 02, 1999 at 18:11:29:

Dear Lisa,
It hard. No doubt about it. What`s worse is the quilt on top of the CH you have about your children. Mine or 14 an 8 now. I`m really trying to think what I did. When mine where 6 month`s an 3. Sometime`s there is know one that can take them off your hand`s. Or hubby might not be there to step in. With my son Teenage Mutant Turtal`s where very popular. He would set at the T.V. for hour`s watching them. I know it`s not the best thing to have T.V. be your baby sitter. Some time`s us CH mom`s dont have a chose. With my son it was alot more easier. It was almost like he understood they day he was born. He was great making up game`s an playing by himself for hour`s. I could`nt tell you how many time`s he was in my bed with me playing O`so quitly with his car`s.
My daughter she`s was a whole other story. She had colic. Wish by the way if you a CH mom is not fun at all. I was there for her physically. Mentally half the time not. After the colic came teething about the age of your young one right now. My hubby was a big help. He was my life saver when it came to her. Still mother`s get it in their mind`s we can do it better. Even though all we want to do is hide from the pain.
What Janye said is great advice if it work`s. Your 3 year old can play this with you now. This still leave`s the lil one. If you 6 mth is use to taking timely nap`s and you can tell your 3 year old it quite time. This might help in some case`s.
The only thing CH is not something you can say " At noon I`ll have my CH attack."
Do you have a support system?
Is there anyone you can call to take the children at anytime CH hit`s you?
Preschool have you thought about it?
Do you go to church? The reason I ask this one they can be an excellent back up for you.
I`ll keep think about this one an e-mail you with anything that I can think of. I know where your coming from. To well do I remember these feeling`s that you have now.
I`m going to make some call`s and see what I can come up with.
E-MAIL ME ANYTIME. Do you have ICQ??
You`ll be hearing from me later. Hang in there girl
Hug`s Linda

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