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Posted by David Mc ( on September 01, 1999 at 17:40:09:

In Reply to: Things that definitely HELP - ( very long) posted by gary g on September 01, 1999 at 13:39:07:

Gary, Just read through your piece for the third time and I'm in awe! (And thanks for the pressure point tips from an earlier posting too, by the way.) I've tried just about all these things at some time or another with varying success, but the one I've used the most is what I personally term 'psychological warfare' because it's what kept me sane, reasonably balanced and in a state of positive growth as a human being ( wife thinks otherwise!).

Just one point, why do we have to keep using apologetic language when we talk about using our minds? I say lets quit this use of 'mumbo-jumbo' type dumbing-down language aimed at making mindophobes feel comfy. Okay, some may not be happy with the idea of using this powerful resource, probable due to the many 'snake-oil' merchants out there ready to grab our cash and run; or maybe it seems a sissy thing to do and not as manly as sticking Imitrex needles in the thigh; or maybe its the pseudo-scientific titles? What ever, one of the ways we're going to make this approach 'respectable' (read of practical value) in (nearly) everyone's eyes is for us to give it respect ourselves. Maybe we as a group need to actually 'see' the practical benefits of this approach. Like I said in an earlier posting, until a silver bullet med comes along that kills this CH stone dead we got to use our most valuable and powerful resource, our mind. And hey it's free, we don't even have to pay any Utility bills to access it!

Just a half formed idea, but how about collating the various non-drug non-physical approaches used by us and seeing if there's any approaches that are the most effective for CH people? After all, some of us have said, we've been using our minds to fight this thing all by ourselves for years and didn't know they had fancy names. Then ask for volunteers to test out the most promising methods and then we'll be developing our own tried and tested 'mind-weapons'.

I say all this an a spirit of not wanting these mind type approaches to replace the meds etc that we use (perish the thought!), but to seek ways to ADD to our arsenal!

David Mc

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