MSG trigger & others..Part 2"

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Posted by Judi Mosley ( on September 08, 1999 at 18:09:39:

I've got some intersting little things to report - I read with amazement, the site that Bob Kipple suggested with regard to MSG. I've honestly never taken any notice of it, as I'm too busy looking for fat, carbs or calories. Whilst I think I may be sensitive to MSG when not in a bout of clusters, I think that when I am, its certainly the worst trigger. I spent the whole day, looking back over the last week, and reading one of my many books on headaches, migraines, food allergies etc. I picked out some of the foods he suggested (pretty dull) and thought I'd give a go for the day. I ate some plain yoghurt and a piece of toast and water. Then lunch, another plain yoghurt and a couple of pears. Drank quite a bit of Perrier water. Dinner I had rutabaga and carrots, boiled and mashed with some pure butter, another yoghurt,some more pears & water. This morning is the first morning I have woken up with no headache in about 2 1/2 months. I still had my coffe in the morning, but no coffee mate(as that has msge too).Then I looked back on a typical day...finish the kids dorritos (at least 2 bags,) some chocolate, marmite(yeast extract) on a bagel, lunch at the Thai restaurant, soup ....I wont go on, but basically I was hoofing down a load of MSG and not even realizing it!! I KNOW my cycle hasn;t ended, but just eating differently for one day, has made a difference. I urge you all the read every label, MSG is lurking everywhere, and by other names too!
The Doctor that wrote the book I was using, suggested for 5 1/2 days ones diet should be reduced to lamb, cod, trout, salmon, pears, carrots, parsnips, rutabaga, and zuchini. Sunflower oil for basting and frying, and spring water only as a drink. Not a lot of food to play with I know, but it's only for a few days. I even added some other foods that didn't have any MSG. If I can even cut down my CH with this, I figure it's worth it. Restaurant food appears to be a big problem, and I think they even lie,when you ask them if MSG (or Accent) is used. I have in 24 years always said that CH have a mind of their own, and come & go as they please...I always scoffed at the idea of certain foods making them intense but I guess I'm going to have to eat my words. (bet that'll give me a headache!!!). My theory was that if all those powerful drugs don't work, how the heck is what I eat, going to make a difference. I'm doing it again today, to see the results. SOrry this is a bit long, but I feel ANY LITTLE THING in our collective search for a "cure" is worth it. Judi

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