Sorry about this....Just a bit of "self therapy"

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Posted by Alx ( on September 10, 1999 at 20:51:35:

War Zone

The devilish Imp arrived early today
To discount his presence won't drive him away.
He's a pest, a real nuisance and, he just wants to play
With my mind, MY mind, yet I have no say.

The struggle begins and I'm sorry he came
Slipping through shadows, calling my name
I try to ignore him but it's always the same.
The Imp only leaves when he's bored with the game.

He tickles, he teases but soon tires of me.
And I should be relieved at being set free
But as the Imp goes away, he's singing with glee
"The fun's just beginning, we're at pain level three."

The skirmish continues as the Demon draws near.
I want to be brave, but he senses my fear
"You can't run and hide," he says in my ear,
"I know how to find you, and I'll always know where."

He's armed himself well, with some stones and some sticks,
But begins the assault with some punches and kicks.
My face becomes swollen as I take my licks,
While the fight carries on here at pain level six.

Now the Beast wants his turn, he's been waiting in line.
I hear his cruel laughter, it's not a good sign.
I pray to my God that I'll survive it this time.
'Cause we're well on our way to pain level nine.

A razor sharp talon plunged deep in my eye,
Elicits a scream and, I've started to cry.
I know at this point there's no sense asking "Why?"
So I beg God instead to, "Please let me die!"

The Beast is relentless and, the battle resumes,
As I pad along slowly through my hallways and rooms.
But I can't shake this feeling, this feeling of doom,
Though I know in my heart, it will be over soon.

Then the Monster feared most comes 'round once again,
And the war now rages at pain level ten.
Just a little while longer and I'm sure it will end,
But it's the Monster's decision to let me know when.

When it comes to a halt, I'm surprised I survived.
And I thank God I'm still sane, I thank God I'm alive.
But I know they'll be back to again fight for what's mine,
Then I hear a voice whisper, "Have faith, you'll be fine."

Mark (Alx) Burkett
September 10, 1999
(My Personal Interpretation of going through a CH attack)

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