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Posted by GRAHAM ( on September 11, 1999 at 20:57:33:

In Reply to: wow - a classic if ever there was one posted by same old taleteller on September 11, 1999 at 13:33:35:

Thank you for your constructive comments on the consumption of alcohol and clusters in general. That was the kind of advice that I was after in the first place. However, the uncalled for remark about me having a serious problem was not. I don’t believe this board should be a place for preaching one persons moral code or opinions on whether a person is an alcoholic or not. Hence, my statement that I did not want to get into a debate about what constitutes an alcoholic. At the outset I asked three questions and my reasons for this were simple. Ive had clusters for nearly four years and only in the last few weeks did I find out what they were. I am confused, uneducated about clusters, and have therefore got many questions to ask; especially now I am finally receiving treatment.

I read this board every day, and the support that people give each other is a joy to read. Sometimes I want to reply, but I often feel unqualified to make a response due to the fact that I have only known that I suffer from clusters for around two weeks. I also feel like the child who has just moved to a new school and is in a class full of children he doesn’t know. My phase about missing my workout because of writing a post to Bob and Hub was an attempt at humour. You know-breaking the ice between us! Oh yes, I did miss my workout this morning, but it wasn’t because I was “compelled to spend the time defending my excessive drinking to two strangers on an internet bulletin board” as you so eloquently put it. I was enjoying the discussion. I am relatively new to the web site, and I was getting a buzz out of talking about my condition and how it influences my life, to people who understand. This is something that I have not been able to do for nearly four years.

Only one of us has felt compelled to do something today, and that is YOU. When you felt compelled to preach your moral code and standards to me and insult another poster on this site who was replying to a questions I ASKED.

Final point (and it is a final point for me)

I like to eat incredibly healthily all week and I never eat sweets, chocolate, sugar . . . etc. On Friday and Saturday nights when I go out (which is not every single week as you seem to think) I allow myself a pizza or kebab or a curry. I may also allow myself an incredibly unhealthy bacon, egg and tomato sandwich on Sunday morning. Therefore, I guess I should now regarded myself as addicted to junk food as well!


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