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Posted by DocGreg ( on September 13, 1999 at 23:00:01:

In Reply to: Corneal Anesthetic Eye Drops//Doc Greg posted by Nancy on September 13, 1999 at 21:24:37:

Unfortunately, no I do not think they would benefit. Although the pain of cluster headaches does feel as if it comes from the vicinity of the eye, the source of the pain is much deeper in the head.

You must understand how nerves work in the body. Nerves act like very long wires/pipes. By stimulating the end with some sort of senstation, the nerve impulse travels a long distance to the brain. The brain becomes used to the fact that when that nerve is stimulated, the sensation is from the end of point of the nerve. If, however, the nerve is stimulated somewhere along its path, the brain becomes confused as to where the source was. This is like if you had a kink in the garden hose, you would know there was obstructions somewhere, though you would not be sure where. You might, in fact, assume that somewhat turned off the water supply. This is how the brain reacts when the nerve becomes stimulated.

The fifth cranial nerve, the nerve that is affected by cluster headaches, is stimulated very negatively somewhere along its path. The brain, trying to figure out where the pain is from, assumes that it is from the ends, namely behind the eye. Numbing the eye, would not take care of the problem. The problem is somewhere along the nerve, not at its end.

You could certainly given to try and, though the risks with the numbing medicine is that it is very easy to damage the eye and not know it. That is why the numbing medicine is prescription only, and generally only used in office.

It certainly is a good thought, though I doubt seriously that would benefit you well.

Always looking for new treatments. Thanks for the idea.

Good luck.


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