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Posted by Barbara D. ( on September 15, 1999 at 06:42:38:

I realize I've been gone for a couple of days, but I've been reading your stuff and don't like you picking on Drummer. He's being really polite and you're goading him. That's not what a support group does and WE ARE A SUPPORT GROUP. A little fun is one thing, but you're crossing the line.

Now, while I agree with you on letting those nice people in Washington earn their keep (Cousin Bill and my Congressman and Senators are on my Buddy list in my computer), an organized effort works much better than "just" a letter telling them to do something about my pain (but right now they probably know a lot more about MY cluster headaches than they ever wanted to).

Now if you're one of the "lucky" ones who can get through the pain and devastation of Cluster Headaches without medications, then I'm happy for you, but Drummer doesn't happen to be one of the lucky ones and neither do I and I resent the fact that anyone would put down those of us who need medication for these demons. You haven't seen Drummer go through the pain of a CH nor have you seen the exhaustion that zaps his whole body afterwards - I HAVE! And I've also seen it and felt it in myself. If Topamax is helping us, who the hell are you to make fun of either of us for taking something that DOES give us relief?

Now this site was set up for support and that's what we do here. Personal insults will NOT be tolerated from you or anyone else. Wisecracks are one thing, but the things you said about Drummer were not only untrue and uncalled for, but just plain stupid. And I would suggest, very strongly, that if you want to hang around this family, that you clean up your act and that you do it immediately, or go somewhere else, where they can appreciate your "talents".

Barbara D.

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