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Posted by Sonya Banna on September 05, 1998 at 01:39:00:

In Reply to: Rambling and selfpittying posted by Lars on September 05, 1998 at 00:10:46:

Did you check into an Oxygen tank as well.
I use that when I feel one coming on and sometimes
stay on it thru the hole attack. I put it on
8 liters per minute and if I get past 15 minutes
in pain, I swallow a Imitrex 25 mg pill. I also
was given sprays of DHE and sprays of Imitrex.
So, I got my tools! Oxygen is still my favorite
because if I feel it coming on ... it usually
beats it after 10 minutes ... but I stay on for
awhile longer. It's kinda trial and experiment.
The most positive ... is that even if I stay on
my Oxygen Tank (size J) and go thru 600 liters ...
I at least didn't have to put Imitrex in my body.
I usually have to break down though. I have no
idea why us either. It's not hereditary and only
my husband understands because he witnesses the
attacks. When I was younger ... my parents didn't
understand and said ... oh it's stress! Jeez!
Anyway, thank God for Neurologists, Oxygen Tanks,
and at least a way of getting thru it. I'm also
taking Steriods now (50mg) and it seems my cluster
attacks last only 3 seconds! WILD! You can
ramble and self pity any time. It's a great
place to express yourself and share with others
who may be ready to kill themselves ... we are not
alone. Fun and games now isn't it. I was the one
who had to go to ER last Sunday because my left
side went numb ... from my head to my feet! At
first, they thought STROKE, then some kind of
brain cancer and gave me a CAT Scan. Then my
neuro did an exam and determined it's just another
side affect to suffering the clusters attacks.
Thus, he decided to try Steriods to "pop" them
out. It didn't really work two years ago when
we tried it then ... but it does work for about
two weeks - so it kinda gives me a "rest" period
during my cycle ... then I stay close to Mr. Oxygen
Tank ... keep my Verapamil up .... and keep my
Imitrex Pills handy ... AND PRAY! See, I like
to ramble too! My name is Sonya and this is
my web page:

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