THANKS to all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted by bryan father husband ( on September 26, 1999 at 02:30:44:

Would just like to say thanks for all the support.I just found this site a week or so ago.What a relief I thought we were the only ones the so called doctors looked at like we were totally out of our minds.Thats why they practice medicine -- there just practiceing!!!And your right bob p this was god sent .I dont wish these CH on anybody .But its nice to know were not the only ones.this site has been a great resource . I have spent many nights now till 2 or 3 am educating myself with any thing I can find on CH .Its the only weapon I have against the beast as you all most appropiately named it.Ive read post after post that is like someone was watching us like a little bird and wrote about it .Hat off and hand out to all the supporters out there.Its one of the toughest things Ive ever had to deal with.last night I was trying to visualize how to explain to outsiders what it is like.That is to stand by and watch the person you love more than any thing an earth be tortured at the beast discretion.the only situation I could think of to compare this to is this.Someone breaks into your house while you sleep ,you wake to your wife screaming for help and see someone standing over her beating her in the head with a bat .You respond by attempting to protect her and realize your hands and feet are bound.the beast looks at you and says dont wory Im only going to beat her for a while but Ill let you watch.Then Ill be back in 4 or 5 hours to do it again ,just for 6 weeks or so.You plead to him take me beat me he just laughs and says I already have you!!!This is how a supporter fells.If I could make the beast physical he would get a @ss whipping he would never forget .I would love to reach in and squeeze his brain for a while at least a day or two.well thanks to all of you .Denise really can use the support!!!!IF ANYONE HASNT READ THE BAR TO THE LEFT TITELED DEVIL READ IT!!!!! THe BAND PLAYED HARD THIS WEEK 35days now.READ THE DEVIL TO UNDERSTAND>WONT YOU GUESS MY NAME bryan father to jessica and nicole husband and best friend to denise.See ya dude bob p that is.

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