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Posted by Larry Dyer ( on September 28, 1999 at 11:25:42:

Having been a C.H. sufferer, I have spent day's checking out this sight. This is so cool. I wish I had a computer and a support group like this years ago! I've read through the message board and some other links. However, I have not found one mention of the only thing that has eliminated my C.H. After 7 years of C.H.'s, cat scans, specialists, being a "lab rat" for a neurologist, taking every kind of med. imaginable for C.H. at the time, I had an experience at a Chiropractors office 3 years ago that changed my entire life. I did something to injure my lower back. I was in much pain and went origianally to have this problem corrected. However, While I was there and X-rays were reviewed it was found that my top 2 vertebrae were shifted, one to the right and one to the left. This was pinching the nerves that went to the right side of my face and head. I was never much of a believer in Chiropractic medicine until I went to a D.C. for myself. (D.C. stands for Doctor of Chiropractic) Within 4 weeks time my cycle was broken. At first I thought it was by chance and not from what he had done. However, after a whole year and 2 skipped cycles it seemed very promising. A change in jobs left me with no insurance and we were doing everything to make "ends meet" here with my family of 5 so I stopped going to the chiropractor for awhile thinking that I was healed. It was then that I started to get C.H.'s again, but they were low on the "kip scale". I went back on the first onset, was readjusted, and the C.H.'s disappeared right away. Having been a sufferer for 7 years, cycles 2-3 times per year, 2-4 C.H.'s every day that reached 10 on the "kip scale", I now believe I have the key to C.H.'s for me anyhow. I had a fall from the top of a slide back in the 2nd grade. I landed on my head and was knocked out for a few minutes. Though I never experienced any pain from it there directly. I felt the affects of it later in life. My cycle's were in time with the sport seasons that I played. Spring was baseball and the shoulder and neck muscles were used in a different way which would get tightened up from use. Then at night they would be the last muscles to relax which would then pull the vertabrates slightly and pinch the nerve and trigger a C.H. By using ice and laying down the tightness would finally let go and the C.H. would go away. Fall was basketball season and the cycle would start again. Sometimes in the winter during volleyball season a third cycle would start, but because basketball would sometimes run up to volleyball I didn't always have the 3rd cycle.
I know ya'll don't know me, but I have been in everyone of your shoes, and I would love for ya'll to be in mine now! This is why my wife and I have spent so many hours reading your messages to find out about ya'll, and to see how to word this message so you may except it with an open mind. It may not work for or benefit all, but it's even harder to believe I am one of a kind. Not just any doctor, whether it be a neurologist, a family practitioner, or a chiropractor is going to sympathize with you, and some just care about getting paid. A D.C., however, does have to become a Medical Doctor and then spend anywhere from 2-4 more years to get a licence for Chiropractic Medicine. If you stop to think about it the spinal cord is the super highway of the body in which every function of our bodies depend on to be clear and unrestricted. I don't or never have worked for a Dr. or advertising. You can take this letter as B.S. or from someone that has been there, done that, and have the battle scars to prove it. I hope ya'll take my experiences into concideration.
Much love and compassion, may God bless you as you go through this horrendous battle, and may you be PAIN free as well as drug free,

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