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Posted by Dale Jones ( on September 30, 1999 at 06:52:47:

I am 38 years old and have been suffering the beast for 20 years. I've read you're website and the bitch is much more popular than I gave HER credit for. All the way from the Kip Scale to the showers and cold floors. I prefer cold showers directed to the head, then the cold tile floor.It don't really matter unless the Beast is finished. One thing we need to do is let the rest of the world know where we are coming from.People just don't understand that we can eat the average headache on our breakfast cereal and keep on smilling. A lot of people say they understand, including doctors, but we and the beast know better. I've pissed off several doctors over the years, but then, a lot of them have pissed me off sending me away with aspirin and caffeine just to passify me. No real fault of theirs, they just didn't understand the beast. I'm a sufferer who is cursed about 2 hours after going to sleep or 45 minutes after drinking alchohol. DAILY. When a cycle starts I don't get close to alchohol. This definately makes a differance, but only on the alchohol induced, wich are some of my most dreaded. My after sleep monsters are real brain crushers then they hurt! This bullshit of people acting as if they know what we are talking about is just a reminder of how little is really known about our beast. I could go on for days talking about the bitch, but I know She will still be there. She is always there! Waiting! Waiting for that most inoportune time! That time that really sucks. The beast is sharp. It always knows when to strike! You can't let the beast run your life! You can't really fight it eighther. What helps the individual is what it takes. Wild head rubs at the onset to screaming in the hall, whatever it takes!! Do IT and get a split second of almost releif!! During milder stages of my cycle I can sometimes get some relief with a extra stong vibrating massager on my cheek, temple, nose bridge or upper teeth. I'm so sick of people telling me they know what I'm talking about. If they did, they wouldn't ask when they thought it might hurt!!!!Just give us some space and time and the beast will let us go. We might have to act weird at times to get through the agony,so give us a break, we're people to when the bitch lets us!!

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