I've given it some more thought - do not read this - it is not funny only tedious

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Posted by Jack Boyd ( on September 30, 1999 at 20:47:11:

In Reply to: A butterfly farts in Peru posted by Jack Boyd on September 30, 1999 at 17:26:31:

The chain of events goes exactly like this:

The Andean strain of the monarch butterfly is highly flatulent although not in mating season.
The butterfly in question farted at the begining of the spring 1998 mating season to the dismay of his female partners ( the andean monarch butterfly is known to have as many as 15 females partners for his 1 month mating season ). These females were so offended by this action that they became sterile.
This sudden sterility reduced the numbers of this butterfly swarm by .0000021 %. When the time came for their annual migration up the coast of Central America for wintering in sunny southern California - this swarm has been wintering around Burbank for many thousand of years - it coincided with a change in El Nino. El Nino was about to reach a critical mass and become a meteorogical non-entity. The reduced butterfly swarm increased the amount of solar radiation for the coastal Pacific by a factor of .0000000003. This can be proven and was indeed reported on WBZT- Los Angeles that same year.
The affect of this increased solar radiation was to allow El Nino ( or maybe La Nina, I forget which ) to last a little longer ( precisely 11.7 minutes according to one report provided by the Naional Weaher Service or it might have been on Oprah, I forget).
The result of this extended El Nino on the East Coast ( where I live and suffer ) was to reduce the amount of sunlight that I received in September 1998 by a not insignificant amount ( 43.8887 photons to be exact and foolishly technical.) The result for me was another ( probably my 22nd ) bout of clusters.

I can prove all this if any one is interested.

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