My theory, well two of them, about those sleepers...

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Posted by Bill McCuistion ( on October 02, 1999 at 01:30:06:

In Reply to: ponderings of a cluster mind- trivial pursuit? posted by Bobbie P. on October 02, 1999 at 00:04:06:

Some of my 2-hour sleep attacks occur for no apparent reason, say randomly for lack of a better explaination.

Theory #1 -- There is, in my case, some positive correlation between my activities in the 2-4 hours before I go to sleep. When I have been in one of those intense concentration modes, like working on (coding) a complex computer program, and go right to sleep, and my mind won't leave the program alone, I often get one of those "two-hour later" attacks. I don't know why it is exactly two hours after I go to sleep, not go to bed, go to sleep, in so many cases but it is.

I wonder if my mind is still working away at the problem, I guess it is, and complains that my body is not there to do its bidding, like type code. The mind is not very tactful in how IT send messages to the body. I understand the mind only has the option of sending a limited number of ORIGINAL messages: Pain and Pleasure. It can process and route messages which come from other original inputs, but those didn't originate in the mind.

So, I came to believe that IF I were to "cool down" before I went to sleep, then there would be fewer 2-hr wake-up calls. In small turbo-charged aircraft engines you have to run them on the ground after a flight for several minutes at idle to avoid "shock-cooling". In sports, participants "warm-up" and "cool-off" to avoid cramps and muscle damage. CH is sometimes feels like a cramp in the brain. In any case, if the mind is full of something else when it is suposed to be doing whatever it does in REM, an overload condition develops and the brain sends pain messages because the brain itself is rather stupid. I have found that a brief ritualistic prayer at sleep-time can thwart this CH attack-profile often enough to come to believe in its benefits. That's my fantasy theory #1.

Theory #2 -- Quite a few CH brains have sensitivity to a 5th dimension energy wave. (Its there, we just don't know how to measure it. There are a lot of these kinds of things that we don't know about yet.) This 5th dimension energy sensitivity allows a partial exposure of some sort of matter and anti-matter (Good vs Evil) which manifests itself in the CH brain when the CH brain enters REM. The battle has nothing to do with the person, the activity just uses the CH brain as the host-site for this event. The normal habitants of this 5th dimension left Earth when they realized that a 5th dimension breach was caused when select butterflies, now living in Peru, fart. (Others are working on the rest of this theory.)

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