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Posted by Steve G ( on October 02, 1999 at 21:34:44:

Hi All,
Would like to think that everyone is pain free. Haven't posted in a while but read every chance I get. There is no other place where people helping each other means more. You all are a great bunch. I have fortuneatly come to the end of another cycle. Shorter and less intense than ever. So here is one more opinion to add to the list. I had read enough to decide all or most of my CH were stress related. About 4 weeks ago I stopped talking all meds without asking the worthless doc. The only thing I kept taking was Dramamine at night before bed to help cut the attacks at night. Thanks Margi. Then I concentrated on reducing the stress in my life.I also made a list of things to think about during an attack to keep my mind off the CH. That was the hardest part. After I had trained my mind to think about other things and not the CH or what triggered it, the Ch's began to lose intensity.Yees it could definitly be coincidence however last year my cycle lasted 9 months and now it is down to 3. I still am having some but they are not more than a 4 on the kip scale and last about an hour. For years I said I don't have any stress. WOW was I wrong. I read that about 75% of CH's are triggered by stress. It took years for that to sink in to the point that it made sense. I can now even tell what got me angry enough to trigger the CH. I know alot of you will not agree with this but it has surely made a difference for me. Mind controll is a big part of living headache free. I don't beleive I will ever know what life is like without CH's or headaches in general but I do beleive I am on the right track. Any day without pain is a GREAT day!!! Headache free days ahead for all.

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