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Posted by bryan ( on October 03, 1999 at 03:16:47:

Thanks to those that posted after denises post WORDS FROM THE WISDOM.Just to clerify so you all dont think im some idiot that goes around yelling or venting at denise .I love her more than anything I would never direct any kind of flustration towards her.I would gladly take her pain in a minute.Ive been by her side through every attack for 17yrs .Im only human the stress level got to me .working ,cooking,I suck at cooking!house work ,yard work ,grocery shopping ,laundry ,bills.Trying to deal with kids argueing while she is trying to rest .There are 4 people in this house 3 of us are able to help . But I was the only one working.After repeatedly asking the kids to do something besides whatch m tv and talk on the phone and no response I got really pissed!!!!Moms in severe unrelenting pain .Dads running himself in the ground and all they can do is sit on there #ss.Talk is cheap its easy to say how much you want to help but with no actions words mean nothing.I made a mistake of letting denise see me lose my temper .I dont think when I lose my temper Im the kind of person that lets things build up and then I explode .Its not something Im proud of!!! I usually have very good control .Well I turned one of the dining room chairs into kindling in 3 sec flat.It wasnt the right way to handle this but I got everyones attention.I later told the kids how stupid it is to lose your temper like that but its better for me to beat the shi# out of a chair than vent on someone else.After that day the kids have really been helpful.I dont expect them to take on all the work I just need them to do there part.!!If we didnt have faults we could walk on water .tried it lately.To all the sufferers out there , wishing you painfree days from the bottom of my heart.thanks for the support.This board is so important to so many!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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