meds NOT that simple - part of many people's problems

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Posted by gary g ( on October 04, 1999 at 13:14:19:

In Reply to: Doc must think Migraines are worst than Clusters? ?? *nt* posted by Nancy on October 04, 1999 at 11:27:14:

when are people EVER gonna get over the notion that a CH is a very short, very bad migraine ?
sometimes we're out own worst enemy because we don't slow down and think this stuff over

Drummer's Doc doesn't think migraines are worse than clusters by rec'ing a lower dose ? where do you get that idea ? what the hell does dosage have to do with the pain intensity of DIFFERENT diseases?

that logic would be like trying to cure appedicitis by doubling up on antacid - hell, it's just a worse bellyache, right ?

obviously, the take-home about drummer's reduced imitrex dose has nothing to do with how severe the pain is, it relates to the effectiveness of imitrex on CH vs its effectiveness on migraines-
which is apparently exactly why the imitrex tip apparently works - which is exactly what Drummer said

(and by the way - it WOULD BE one more proof that CH is VERY VERY different from migraines)

trying to judge the severity of different ailments by their relative response to a single medicine is like trying to compare the speeds of a rock rolling downhill and paint drying

we waste unbelievable time on this board bitchin' that DRs don't know what they're doing -
they used to say God helps them who help themselves - and to me the FIRST thing we need to do is pay attention to what people are saying here, and think about it a little before rushing off on goofy tangents

so much for a cold rainy monday morning

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