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Posted by Nimlock on September 16, 1998 at 10:13:42:

I'm on my 7th week of this cycle & tried to get my Imitrex
refilled via the V.A. hospital on Monday. They said, ok
we'll overnight that to you. the pharmacy just told me
it wasn't filled so I called up the neurology dept. The
person I spoke to on monday is out until next week,& the
guy I was speaking to said he didn't know if anyone was
around to refill it for me but he'd check it out & get
back to me. I have had to go through way too many cycles
without any medication!!!!!! They did the same thing to
me a few weeks ago, said it was mailed but never
was three weeks that time with nothing but the pain.
Some one said once, "what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger",
doesn't seem to apply here. I'm running out of places to
hide. You would think that a hospital would be aware of how
important a clusterhead needs drugs.
If that yutz I just spoke to doesn't call me back soon,
the VA will have an ANGRY CLUSTERHEAD in their midst.
oh well......(I mailed Oprah & put in my request to have
her do a show on Cluster Headaches)hope she does.
( I mailed Hilary Clinton also but will probably just
get the secret service knocking on my door).
They all just don't get it....The federal code book also
does not recognize cluster headaches either...compensation
for that is compaired to migraines for a rating!
I know migraines are no picknick , but I think a worst
migraine attack is like a good day for us.
later , I feel weird....almost like I am displaced.

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